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Exercise tips for teens

Teens are least conscious about health and fitness nowadays. The fast food and modern life puts them in great trouble, becoming a threat to their future. Exercising regularly at home will help teens to stay away from diseases and bad … Continue reading

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Diet tips for pregnant women

Pregnant women should take much care about their health as they have to pay attention to the baby and themselves. Green vegetables have to be included to get adequate vitamins like A and C. collard greens, green peas etc are … Continue reading

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How to include nutritious food in diet?

Nutrition deals with the amount and kind of food that you should take in your routine life. Choosing grains, especially whole grains and including it in your daily life are essential for getting amble nutrition. Your daily diet should include … Continue reading

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The Fitness Boot Camp Regime

Boot camp is similar to the initial training undergone by the military personnel. The training is more or less general for almost all the posts. However there will be a detailed and different wing to train officials, which includes some … Continue reading

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The Fear of Flying – facts and remedies

We might have met several people who are afraid when they hear the word flying. This is considered as a kind of fear of flying phobia, where the reasons can be many. In some cases, this might not be a … Continue reading

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Weight loss tips for women

Excess fat and weight are some of the major disturbances that haunt us in the modern life, especially for women. There are some quick and easy ways that help women loss the excess body weight. Eating breakfast at the right … Continue reading

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Prevention is better than cure

It is always better to prevent the occurrence of diseases than to treat them at a sever stage. One should be aware of the ways in which they can maintain a good health condition. You should pay proper attention to … Continue reading

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Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise is called so because it is used to initiate the anaerobic metabolism taking place inside our body. This type of exercise is an intense one. It includes swimming, running, cycling and walking. These types of exercises are mostly … Continue reading

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a method by which the people with disabling strokes are brought back to their normal life with the help of appropriate treatments. Different therapies are included in this method. They are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, language … Continue reading

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Role of Vitamins in Human body

Vitamins play an important role in the functioning of various processes inside the body. They functions as antioxidants, acts as mediators for cell regulation, tissue growth and differentiation. They act as catalyst and aid the metabolic activities taking place inside … Continue reading

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