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The limit of your body

There’s a certain level that people can push their bodies till and the body will still perform but after a point, it gets tired and you have to learn to recognize the symbols I order to recuperate and energize before … Continue reading

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Granola bars

For most people even if you’ve had a complete breakfast and know that you always eat a nice hot and fresh lunch, the in between snack always seems to prove to be a difficulty. That’s when we make a bad … Continue reading

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The benefits of online pharmacy

As an end user of any product, we all always wish to have the best bargains. From groceries to clothes, to household items to the luxurious ones, we look for such bargains but this comes to a screeching halt when … Continue reading

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Nutrition and other factors

Nutrition is defined as the proper intake of foodstuffs that are beneficial to the cells of the organism in order to support life. These nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and vitamins. While exercising and going to the gym you … Continue reading

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Viagra alternatives

Viagra is something that enhances a man’s sexual prowess so to speak. Viagra is actually an oral drug and is known to treat erectile dysfunction. This medication has a large safety track record. Viagra’s effects have been scientifically proven and … Continue reading

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Some prevalent thoughts on exercise

Excessive exercising causes death This is not true. Death while exercising is very rare. However it is possible for a person to die from a heart attack if he is not in a proper physical state. Lifting of weights stops … Continue reading

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Advantages of good physical workouts

Physical workouts on the whole give a boost to your body’s endurance level. The different types of exercises train the numerous body parts and enable you to face the day without getting too tired. Performing physical workouts rejuvenates your body; … Continue reading

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Health and fitness

Fitness or physical fitness is defined as the functioning of the organs of the body at an optimum level. It is also defined as the capacity of the body to carry out the days works without undue fatigue. Fitness can … Continue reading

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The world health organization

The WHO is an international organization that is responsible for coordinating and researching vital public health statistics from all over the world. The agency was set up in the year 1948 and was based in Geneva, Switzerland. The major task … Continue reading

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The health care industry

The health care industry constitutes the likes of people who are skilled in providing treatment for the betterment of health of respective individuals. The delivery of health care depends upon the number of people who come together as a team … Continue reading

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