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Stained teeth

With age lifestyles change and we notice many differences. Most people who’re smokers and others who can’t live without caffeine, often there’s one problem that you can’t deny. This has to do with stained teeth and you notice that your … Continue reading

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You may have noticed that many times after eating people do excuse themselves and visit the washroom or start flossing as soon as they are comfortable doing it. This is an important part of oral health and is a great … Continue reading

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Oral health

It isn’t just like that since our young days, parents and guardians try to get us into the regular habit of brushing our teeth. This becomes necessary because as eating habits get complicated one realise what a bad taste it … Continue reading

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Cigarettes and health

It’s true that cigarette smoking is injurious for you and also those around you and as such, it’s time you thought about your personal health because smoking causes long term damages that can sometimes be life threatening and you have … Continue reading

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Rigorous exercise and breast cancer

For young women here’s a true winner. Everyone at some point is scared about breast cancer and as such it becomes necessary to do all that is possible in order to minimise the risks and protect yourself. There are many … Continue reading

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Importance of filtered water

If you’re traveling and your exploration stint doesn’t involve living in hotels and family homes drinking safe water at all times, you should be attentive regarding where your water comes from. When travelling, apart from the physical activity involved you … Continue reading

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