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How to improve your health through detox

Detox body

Detox or detoxification is the method of wiping or flushing away all the toxins of the body. It is only natural that with such toxin cleansing, our body becomes more energetic, less fatigued and our metabolism gets heightened considerably. Today we live an overindulgent life that makes us slaves to cardiovascular pile up. Toxins also build in the abdominal cavities of kidney and major organs. Even the colon is not spared.

When we use detox, we stop taking junk, fats and carbs for a stipulated period of time. We take a lot of water apart from fresh juices. We also indulge in fibers, fruits and vegetables. This creates a buffer in the body which soaks up any contamination. All the major organs get cleansed and the cells and tissues get more energy. The fibers carry many toxins along with them while leaving the body as bowels.

Rock salt lamps health benefits

Rock Salt

Rock salt lamps are natural air ionizers blessed with potency to create negative ions that can help ward off pollution. The healthy negative ions automatically boost the quality of air around us. This way, the rock salt lamps help us in fighting air contamination.

Have you ever pondered why a person feels fresh on visiting a hill station or a sea side or a forest reserve? The reason is presence of such healthy negative ions. Rock salt lamps facilitate such negative ion drift.

Today, rock salt lamps have passed the initial experimental stage and are being used more and more for treatment of neurosis, high blood pressure, kidney issues, asthma, respiratory and immunity deficits among various other diseases.

Bioenergetic vibrations caused by the lamps also enhance the energy level of the room making you feel more cheerful and positive from a mental angle. Rock salt lamps are used today even for the purpose of Feng Shui.

Three fast ways to create an alkaline body


Acidic food can be quite disturbing for the body. An acidic body creates metabolic reverses as it takes the pH of the body below what is feasible for the body. Body operates best in an alkaline medium. This is why we suffer from acidity. Have you heard someone suffering from alkalinity? Acidic diet promotes toxicity which causes lot of organ deterioration in a long run. Ionized drinking water can be added with necessary saccharine or stevia to make water more palatable. Initially, it is difficult to convert the taste bud towards alkalinity so this can be a nice start.

Alkaline diet foods and alkaline water can be the best tool of creating an alkaline body. Second tip is to keep away from carbonated beverages, caffeine, nicotine and other acidic foods.

Green drinks, mint drinks and fresh juices all make body very alkaline. Acai juices are presently sensation of juice bars. It is a great beverage to enhance alkalinity.

Natural hemorrhoid cures

Natural Fibre

Hemorrhoids are fissures or piles that develop in walls of rectum or anus. It can distend further and come out causing some bleeding. Such bleeding is detected in stools. It can be external or internal. Internal hemorrhoids become difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are not peculiar and overlap with symptoms of other diseases. If hemorrhoids are not in their worst stages, they can be treated through natural remedies.

Use as much fiber in the food as possible. This will allow you to fight constipation. Astringent herbs can be a great tool as well. These can help with the tightening of skin tissues. This way, the loose bleeding swollen mass can be tightened. Natural herbs may contain plantain and red sage. The former alleviates itching while the later enhances blood circulation through the hemorrhoid region. They can also contain oat straw which fights tightened bowels and gives a fair dose of fluidity to the intestinal system.

Raw food diets for yeast problems

Raw food

Raw food diet is being prescribed by a certain section of veterinary researchers, it has its own pros and cons. First the negatives: it is believed that raw food takes the pets back to age of pre-civilization. The idea of having anything available directly from nature is uncouth. Second, it might lead to esophagus wounds. Sometimes, raw food can have a pointed bone somewhere.

The idea is to cook it prior to using. For the pros, raw food can lead to strengthening immunity and also make the food unattractive to yeasts. We know how yeasts can cause great many problems in pets.

Apart from causing infections, yeast is a source of various allergies. Raw food diets can help counter these by making the food unattractive for the yeast. Pets can be given raw food diets in packages available at various departmental stores. Most of these uncooked foods are great sources of proteins.

Natural treatment for arthritis


there are many individuals who experience the acute pain of arthritis. There are several natural remedies available now for the treatment of arthritis. However, you must make sure that you consult a medical practitioner before consuming any kind of herbal medicines.

Glucosamine sulfate supplements are known to reduce the symptoms of arthritis to a considerable extent. There are even some supplements with a considerable portion of chondroitin sulfate that proves work wonders by stimulating the hyaluronic acid and thereby increasing the viscosity amidst the joint space.

The anti-inflammatory elements of Devil’s claw also offers relief during the acute pain of Arthritis. Avocado oil and soybean oil extracts also prove to be of great help when you want to reduce the stiffness and pain during this period. However, you must make sure that you consult a medical practitioner before consuming any kind of herbal medicines.

What are gout attacks?

Gout attack

Gout is generally referred to as a medical condition whereby the uric acid crystals deposit in our body is raised to a significant extent. If they happen to be overloaded, the concerned person is sure to suffer from recurring arthritis attacks. Those who are known to suffer from chronic gout attacks, they have in them deposits of hard uric acid lumps. The consequence of this can be formation of kidney stones and / or hard lumps at joints.

Gout attacks occur during nighttime and the people who suffer from this disease are generally known to consume high quantity of meat, especially fish and mutton with a negligible portion of leafy vegetables and fruits. Consuming high levels of alcohol and saturated fats can also lead one to suffer from gout attacks.

In order to prevent gout attacks reduce your consumption of red meat and alcohol. Also consult a health care provider for proper medication.

Affordable health insurance coverage

Health insurance

Being hospitalized for any kind of ailment is not a pleasurable experience. Affordable coverage health insurance comes to the rescue when you are not in a position to pay a lump sum amount for hospital bills.

If you are not sure how an affordable coverage health insurance plan works, be wise enough to know all the facts before you opt for one. You must also be aware that you need to undergo a physical exam and also required to fill up a form which describes your lifestyle and historical background (related only to your health).

While opting for affordable coverage health insurance plans, make sure you shop around quite a bit. Opt for a baseline premium only if you are confident that you will be able to pay the amount. Also get the solutions to all your health queries, such as, whether you need dental coverage or prolonged medication for any of the ailment that you are suffering from.

Right health plan for your family

Family health

Choosing the right health plan for your family might take a lot of your precious time but in the long run, it is you who is going to benefit out of it the most. The most preferred health plans for your adorable family includes the following:

High deductible health insurance plans – These plans deduct a considerable amount of your yearly income and at the same time provide you with savings account with tax advantage. This is indeed one of the best medical plans for those who prefer to control their expenditure and commit themselves as disciplines savers.

Health maintenance organizations – These organizations provide a comprehensive coverage and works very well for those living in areas where they can enjoy a great network of medical care providers.

Mini med plans – These health plans do not provide you with wide-ranging coverage but can prove to be very useful when they are ideally combined with high deductible health insurance plans.

High blood pressure diet

Pressure diet

The dietary recommendation that needs to be taken care of during high blood pressure is more than often quite difficult to pursue. However, if followed under strict surveillance, high blood pressure diet can control hypertension and other related dangers to a considerable extent.

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in case of high blood pressure. Low levels of alcohol consumption has always been known to be beneficial but recent researches have concluded that any amount of alcohol intake by people who are already under the wraps of high blood pressure can prove to be fatal.

An increase in the intake of salt in diet can worsen the condition of those suffering from high blood pressure. Regardless of this fact, reduced sodium intake in diet is always recommended as a healthy turn.

Saturated fat is a strict no-no for those suffering from high blood pressure diet. As it is the circulatory system experiences high levels of stress during high blood pressure, any extra amount can prove to be devastating for the concerned person.