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How Is Lap Band Different From Gastric Bypass

Gastric BypassWeight is becoming a major issue among many people the world over. It is common to hear of people looking for the best possible way to loose weight. Lap Band and Gastric bypass surgery are among the many options that people opt for. These two medical methods help in long term weight reduction in a very short time.

Gastric bypass surgery involves cutting a part of the stomach to create a small pouch. The top ends of the top part of the small intestines are placed in the pouch. This process makes the stomach smaller, allowing food to bypass the small intestines.

Lap Band surgery involves placing an adjustable saline silicon band around the stomach’s top part. An access port is connected to the band from the left side of the stomach. This access port is filled with a saline solution that is used to regulate appetite by loosening or tightening the lap band.

Stay Fit By Choosing High Fiber Foods

Fiber Food, Health CAre, Food HabitsHigh fiber diet is increasingly being preferred by dieters that are desperate to loose weight. A recent report published by American Dietetic Association revealed that the main difference in the diet of the obese people and persons having normal weight is that they consume 43 percent more complex carbohydrates and 33 percent increased dietary fibers. Some of the ways in which you can stay fit by choosing high fiber foods are:

High fiber foods are generally low in calories and have lesser fat content. Also as it is difficult for our body to breakdown fiber it is not converted into fat and deposited into our adipose tissue.

Another advantage of having high fiber diet is that it takes time to digest and hence make you feel full for long after having your meal and reduces food cravings

High fiber diets keep a check on your blood sugar levels thereby helping the diabetic patients

All fruits and vegetables having high fiber are also good antioxidants that strengthen your immunity to fight against diseases.

Saving Lives By Donating Blood

Blood Donate, Health Care, Natural CAreYou can give a gift of life to any individual by donating blood. Contrary to popular belief one doesn’t become weak after donating blood. On the other hand blood donation also helps in blood purification. Here are some facts that should be known before donating blood:

Before donating blood it is essential to find out your blood group and also to check the hemoglobin levels as you cannot donate blood if you are anemic. There are 8 major blood groups A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C-, AB+ and very rare blood group AB-. Also blood tests are conducted to check if it is free from any deadly viruses and infections.

Normally only 200-300 cc of blood is taken out from your body which easily gets replenished within a day or two. You can go for work and resume normal activity immediately after blood donation as you won’t feel tired as our body contains more than 5-6 liters of blood.

You can donate blood every 6 months. It is a noble cause which can help save someone’s life.

Why You Are Suffering From Constant Fatigue

Fatigue, Health Fitness, Body CareDoes climbing a short fleet of stairs make you sweat profusely or do you have difficulty getting out of bed every morning? Constant fatigue is the alarming signal that your body sends to caution you about the pending downfall in your physical and mental health. Some of the main reasons of chronic fatigue can be:

Work related burnout: If you are unhappy with the work you are doing or are dissatisfied with your boss, huge work load and constant fear of appraisal then you may suffer from constant fatigue

Depression is another major reason behind constant fatigue. You may feel dull and lethargic if you are feeling low as you just had a nasty breakup or are going through some tough phase in your personal and professional life

Lack of physical activity can also reduce your stamina and make you feel constantly tired and fatigued.

Some of the other reasons of constant fatigue can be poor diet, muscle weakness, post viral syndrome or cellular toxicity.

Staying healthy by adopting an active lifestyle

Health Fitness, LifestyleWe grew up hearing that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. This hold true especially in this mechanized age when we are increasingly growing our dependence on fast food and long hours in our office cubicles. Physical exercise will not only help us sweat out waste and toxins from our body but will also help in improving our blood circulation making us a proud owner of fit body and glowing skin. You can stay healthy by adopting an active lifestyle in following ways:

If young kids at home leave you little time for workout or gym how about joining them in their games. Race with them around the house, play with them in park, not only will you get to spend more time with your family you are also adding some activity in your otherwise sedate life

Devote time to your hobbies; pick up a sport you enjoy, swim laps in your community swimming pool or signup for the marathon supporting AIDS patients. There are numerous ways of adding zing back to your life by indulging in some physical activity.

Treating Throat Yeast Infection

Throat Infection, Body Care,Having difficulty in swallowing and seeing white curd like patches on your skin then in all probability you are suffering from throat yeast infections. Yeast infections are basically fungal infections that usually occur in the moist part of the bodies and if not treated in a timely manner can cause severe problems. Thrush is one of the most common types of throat yeast infection and if not treated immediately could spread to your esophagus making it difficult for you to swallow. Here are some ways of treating throat yeast infections:

Gargle 3-4 times in a day using a mouth rinse containing 1 part hydrogen peroxide dissolved in 2 parts of warm water

Yeast infections can leave your throat dry and hence you can use throat lozenges to soothe it

Many Americans depend on geranium tincture to treat throat yeast infections

Taking herbal tea made up of pau d’arco bark will help in faster healing

Physicians recommend taking 500-1000 mg to Vitamin C every day for treating throat yeast infections.

Strengthening Immunity by Staying Fit

Body Care, Immunity, Health CareIt is rightly said that there is no greater wealth then health. By keeping healthy we can maintain a safe distance from all diseases by building up our defenses against all kind of bacteria and viruses. By including citrus fruits and juices in our daily diet which are laden with Vitamin C we can strengthen our immune system. To further enhance are immune system by keeping fit following measures should be taken:

Eat healthy to stay healthy. Have a balanced diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients and fibers. Include big servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet that are rich antioxidants and flushes out toxins to strengthen the immunity.

If your diet misses essential nutrients because of the climatic condition or soil type, you can balance it out by taking proper dietary supplements

Avoid smoke that fills our lungs and arteries with toxic byproducts and lowers our immunity. Also restrict the use of alcohol that dehydrates your body.

Lastly take out some time daily to go for a walk or stretch your muscles which will improve your blood circulation, de-stress your body and strengthen your immunity.

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‘Aftermath’ is great film tell story about Based on the airline accident that occurred in July of 2002 and on the events that took place 478 days later. This movie have genre Thriller, Drama & have 92 minutes runtime.

Mariana Klaveno as Eve Sanders, Maggie Grace as Christina, Kevin Zegers as John Gullick, Hannah Ware as Tessa, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Roman, Scoot McNairy as Paul Bonanos.

The Director of this movie is Elliott Lester. The movie Aftermath is produced by Ingenious Media, Union Editorial, Hat and Cat Productions, thefyzz, Protozoa Pictures, Emmett Furla Oasis Films (EFO Films), Pacific View Management, Oak Productions and released in April 06, 2017.

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Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Care, Body CareYou need to maintain correct blood pressure levels for a healthy heart and home blood pressure monitors help you keep a track of it in a nice and efficient manner. There are three different types of blood pressure monitors, aneroid, mercury column that we usually see in the doctor’s office and digital blood pressure monitors which have now become a common occurrence in all the heart patients’ house.

Though mercury column blood monitors are most accurate they are also extremely difficult to use. The light weight easy to use digital BP monitor devices are preferred choices, however following tips should be kept in mind before you buy any home blood pressure monitor:

Take a monitor with a properly sized LCD display so that you are easily able to read your blood pressure measurement
Select a battery powered device if you are constantly on a move

You should buy a model that can store multiple readings for easy monitoring. You can even select blood pressure monitors that can print your records

Other things to keep in mind are the proper cuff size, the accuracy of the device and the ease of use before buying your blood pressure monitor.

Select a device that comes with manufacturers warranty so that you can replace the faulty device.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Care, Health Care,Maintaining an optimum heart rate is essential to gain maximum benefits while exercising. Heart rate monitors are effective devices that help us gauge the intensity of our workout without manually measuring our pulse rates or breathing. Two different types of heart rate monitors are available in the market: first that can be worn like a watch on your wrist and second that can be attached to your chest with a strap to monitor heart rates. The following factors should be kept in mind while purchasing heart rate monitors:

You should be well aware of your needs while purchasing a heart rate monitor. If you want to use it during your regular aerobics or gym workouts then you can buy a low end model. But if you are training as an athlete then you may require heart rate monitor with more features.

Read customer reviews and buy a brand that is recommended by maximum users
For finding a great deal and more features purchase heart rate monitor online