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Get Rid of Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal thing to every woman. The vagina needs to stay moist in order to clean its self. This discharge removes dead cells and bacteria that are found in the vagina. Increase in this discharge is expected during pregnancy or during sexual excitement. This discharge does not smell.

It’s not normal however when the discharge has a certain unpleasant smell and it’s thick and white in color. Or it’s very itchy and you feel pain during intercourse. You may end up having genital sores.

These problems are caused by batteries that will make the discharge smell fishy. Not changing your tampons will increase your chance of being infected. You should found out if your partner is suffering from any sexual infections.

When you have this kind of problems you should make sure you go see a doctor soon. Different cases of vaginal discharge have its different way of treating it.

Irregular Menstruation – Is it Quite Normal to Every Woman

When a girl reaches a certain age she starts undergoing some changes. One of these changes is menstruation. The menstruation cycle occurs to women as a sign of fertility. This cycle normally takes about 28 days but changes from month to months depending on your lifestyle.

Most cycle normally is between 24 and 34 days and most of them last between 4 and 7 days. But not all women experiences this normal cycles. They are three irregular menstruations that affect women. There is the absence of the menstrual cycle or simply called amenorrhea, there is dysmenorrheal where the female has a very painful menstrual cycle and menorrhagia where the female undergoes heavy menses.

These irregular menstruations are commonly caused by thyroid disorder and other hormone related disorders. Stress, dieting and birth control pills can also cause irregular menstruation. These problems are quite normal and can not be easily prevented in life.