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All about a Balanced Diet

Balanced diet is a very common phrase. But what exactly is it? Too embarrassed to ask? Our foods have been classified into five major food groups. To lead a healthy life doctors suggest that you should have food from every … Continue reading

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Secrets to a healthy heart

How many of us do actually have a hale and healthy heart? With age these problems increase all the more. You might be having some heart problem and you might not even be aware of it. Thus to ensure yourself … Continue reading

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Workouts That Help You Grow Taller!

The best workouts for gaining height are the ones that combine stretching with cardiovascular exercises swimming and cycling .Plus these workout regimes help you to learn a new skill. Some Yoga stretches like Tadasana, Dhaunrasana combined with proper breathing regime … Continue reading

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How to burn off pregnancy fat

Common belief says that a woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. Bringing a new life to the world after nurturing the baby inside you for months is the best thing for each and every woman. But everything comes … Continue reading

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How acupuncture helps to cure anxiety

Acupuncture is the ancient way of curing diseases that the Chinese practiced almost five thousand years ago. It uses piercing the body in strategic areas with hair thin needles, which cause a little or no pain. It has been proven … Continue reading

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How yoga helps you get that glow on your face

If you want to restore your old glow back on your face a regular practice of Yoga will work wonders for you. Mostly, your skin looses its natural glow when you work under a lot of stress or don’t lead … Continue reading

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Causes and cures of lower back pains

Sciatica or lower back pains can at times become quite severe and intolerable. In order to combat them, knowing how they are actually caused can help a lot. Usually when you are on the heavier side, you become more prone … Continue reading

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