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All about a Balanced Diet

Balanced diet is a very common phrase. But what exactly is it? Too embarrassed to ask?

Our foods have been classified into five major food groups. To lead a healthy life doctors suggest that you should have food from every group in proportionate quantities. These proportions vary according to many factors like age, sex, amount of physical activity etc. This proportionate intake every day is a balanced diet. Carbohydrates are the first group of food which provides energy to the body. Your daily dose of carbohydrates comes from rice, wheat, corn, bread etc. Proteins are required for body building and strengthening the immune system. Sources of proteins are chicken, fish, meat etc. Fats coming from oils and butter provide extra energy. Vitamins and minerals are needed for body building and maintenance. They are provided by fruits and vegetables. Along with these foods proper intake of roughage and lots of water is required to flush out the wastes from the body. If you are unable to take these foods in the right quantity you may have dietary supplements to help you out.

Secrets to a healthy heart

How many of us do actually have a hale and healthy heart? With age these problems increase all the more. You might be having some heart problem and you might not even be aware of it. Thus to ensure yourself and insure your heart, it is best to get regular checkups done. Apart from that follow some tips to keep your heart healthy.

Most importantly if you are into anything like smoking or drinking, you should completely cut down its practice. The smoke might inflame your arteries and it even smokes the circulatory system of your body. Instead consume food that is healthy for you. For instance, food that consists of omega fatty acids, walnuts, olive oil, fish-oil and fresh vegetables like tomatoes should be consumed a lot. Avoid having white bread and too much of potatoes. Most importantly if you have some extra weight on your body, then reduce it because that causes slow or no circulation of blood to the heart. And with these you can keep your heart healthy.

Workouts That Help You Grow Taller!

The best workouts for gaining height are the ones that combine stretching with cardiovascular exercises swimming and cycling .Plus these workout regimes help you to learn a new skill. Some Yoga stretches like Tadasana, Dhaunrasana combined with proper breathing regime or Pranayama are extremely effective.

There are some other stretching exercises which could also be followed like the chin up which is great for overall muscle building. The simplest make-do exercise would be the Hang, where you can hang for 10 to 15 minutes from anything like a tree branch. This exercise is good for posture alignment and muscle building.

How are these exercises helping? Stronger muscles, through resistance workouts have the effect of improving core muscle power and thickening your cartilage in the spinal column which leads to lengthening of the spine. It has been medically proven that stretching regimes to produce extra hormones for height increase. The essential concluding element is something you are going to love – SLEEP! So go on and take control of your height.

How to burn off pregnancy fat

Common belief says that a woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. Bringing a new life to the world after nurturing the baby inside you for months is the best thing for each and every woman. But everything comes at a price. The happiness of being a mother is preceded by the hassles of a bloated belly. It is however not too difficult to regain your slim figure within months of the delivery.

Breastfeeding itself is one of the major means of losing pregnancy fat as a lot of calories flow out of your body. Such a regime along with a healthy regular workout schedule and healthy fat-free diet would help you burn off the pregnancy fat in just a few months. However one should keep in mind that a mother who has recently delivered is not fit enough to go through rigorous and strenuous workouts. Hence it is highly required that you be careful about the methods you are opting for burning down pregnancy fat.

How acupuncture helps to cure anxiety

Acupuncture is the ancient way of curing diseases that the Chinese practiced almost five thousand years ago. It uses piercing the body in strategic areas with hair thin needles, which cause a little or no pain. It has been proven to cure a lot of things including anxiety of a human heart.

Anxiety is a mental form which can be directly related to physical causes. In acupuncture, the heart is a fire organ and the kidney is a water organ. They must be in a proper balance to avoid mental illnesses like anxieties and suchlike. When a person is anxious, a lot of fire and heat is generated which makes the whole experience unpleasant.

Acupuncture effectively removes this by using auricular or body acupuncture. Redistribution of vital energy or “qi” is the method this oriental art practices. Generally, one is advised to be regular at yoga, meditation, tai chi and such calming physical exercises along with the continued use of acupuncture.

How yoga helps you get that glow on your face

If you want to restore your old glow back on your face a regular practice of Yoga will work wonders for you. Mostly, your skin looses its natural glow when you work under a lot of stress or don’t lead a healthy life style. Besides offering you many therapeutic remedies, Yoga also helps you to combat stress to give you back your original glow.

Oxygen helps your skin to stay glowing for a longer period. Regular practice of Yoga increases the flow of oxygenated blood to your face thus giving you that youthful glow. If your facial cells don’t get the requisite oxygen then you tend to look stressed out and tired. Many of the Yoga postures such as ‘shirsasan’ and ‘sarvangasan’ actually reverses you body posture so that blood flow to your face increases.

Yoga also helps you to combat stress by controlling the levels of androgen in your body. It offers you various breathing exercises and meditating poses to gift you the art of healthy living. You will be very pleased to know that along with these benefits, Yoga also helps you to get rid of those nasty dark circles.

Causes and cures of lower back pains

Sciatica or lower back pains can at times become quite severe and intolerable. In order to combat them, knowing how they are actually caused can help a lot. Usually when you are on the heavier side, you become more prone to back pains. Thus try to keep your weight under control if you want to avoid such aches.

Lifting heavy weights can also be a major cause behind Sciatica. In our day to day life it sometimes becomes inevitable to carry heavy things like grocery bags and our furniture. But we may be pretty unaware of how it affects our back severely. Thus it is always recommended that you take help from others while doing such chores. Your incorrect sitting posture may also aggravate lower back pain. Try to avoid slouching and always sit straight to avoid unnecessary back aches.

Now that you are aware of the causes you can easily avoid them to combat back aches. But if you are already suffering from Sciatica, yoga can do wonders for your back. Also consult an expert orthopaedic for more details on medication.