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Do’s n don’ts while using antibiotics

Antibiotics may be termed as life saving medicines when it comes to immunity. If its intake improves the health system, its overdose can be harmful too. Antibiotics are generally useful for bacteria infected diseases like the wounds, cuts, ear infections, … Continue reading

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How to take proper care for your nails?

Many people neglect their nails without giving a thought as to how much care it really needs. The layers of keratin on your fingers are a sign of your health. Due to poor diet, ageing and not applying enough moisturizer … Continue reading

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Care for nails? Use home remedies

Are you tired of those brittle nails and dream of getting lustrous long nails? It might not be long when your dream can actually come true. You can also have pink, shiny nails as they show in television. Especially in … Continue reading

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The secret for long and strong hair

You must have tried almost everything on the planet, from medication to therapy to expensive treatments to have a long and strong hair. However, nothing seems to be working fine? That must be because you are not paying much of … Continue reading

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A few advantages of using Sunblock

Many people have this notion that using a Sunblock is another cosmetic trick for girls. But alas! That’s not the case. The natural factors of nature like the sun, wind, dust causes a lot of damage to our skin. Whenever … Continue reading

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High blood pressure: how to control

High Blood pressure is one of the most common health hazards. Nearly two out 5 people are a victim to High pressure. Blood pressure isn’t a disease or a disorder; so you don’t really need to go through a list … Continue reading

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