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Do’s n don’ts while using antibiotics

Antibiotics may be termed as life saving medicines when it comes to immunity. If its intake improves the health system, its overdose can be harmful too. Antibiotics are generally useful for bacteria infected diseases like the wounds, cuts, ear infections, urinary infections etc. They can also be effective for fungal infections. Antibiotics don’t react when it comes to viral infections. They are ineffective to viruses like cold, influenza, cough, bronchitis etc.   If you take an antibiotic during viral, it would enhance the resistance.

The misuse of antibiotics puts not only the patient but others around him also at risk. The bacteria can spread to other people and lead to more complications. Antibiotic is a drug which is effective only when used once. If it is overused then its effect reduces. Antibiotics are generally very strong and its overuse can lead to unconsciousness and lethargy. If antibiotics aren’t taken accurately as prescribed, even then it can create problems. So it is advisable to just take in the right proportion of the tablets as prescribed by the doctor.

How to take proper care for your nails?

Many people neglect their nails without giving a thought as to how much care it really needs. The layers of keratin on your fingers are a sign of your health. Due to poor diet, ageing and not applying enough moisturizer after washing the hands there results unhealthy nails. You just need to do some simple and cheap homecare remedies to retain healthy, lustrous nails.

Food items with biotin content like tomatoes, carrots, chicken, eggs, onion etc. helps to improve cracked and weak nails. Also a multi-vitamin with the biotin content is a good alternative if you do not eat the above. Always use a moisturizer each time you wash your hand to avoid chapped and dry nails.

A lotion which has lactic acid and hydrating properties is always advisable and always rubbing them on your hands and cuticles well is a good remedy. You can also rub olive or coconut oil into your hands when going to bed and then cover it with cotton gloves.

Care for nails? Use home remedies

Are you tired of those brittle nails and dream of getting lustrous long nails? It might not be long when your dream can actually come true. You can also have pink, shiny nails as they show in television. Especially in winters, your nails become very dry and even a slight brush with any strong object can result in a nail break. If you want to keep your nails attractive and healthy you need to follow some simple home remedies.

Nails become too soft if they remain underwater for a long time. It’s necessary that you keep your hands moisturized to keep your nails soft. Clean your nails every alternate day and push the cuticles inwards. Make sure you never use your nails as screw drivers. That’s what a lot of housewives do while working. The use of nail polish removers must be as less as possible. Try to keep your nails short – they look tidy and nice.

The secret for long and strong hair

You must have tried almost everything on the planet, from medication to therapy to expensive treatments to have a long and strong hair. However, nothing seems to be working fine? That must be because you are not paying much of your attention towards the proper nutrition requirements. Often people tend to think that hair is a dead tissue and one cannot do anything about it. This is a wrong conception!

First and foremost, you should consume one egg on a daily basis. Eggs have good protein content in them and can really be helpful in your hair growth. Beans are also good and nutritious. They contain good amount of protein, fiber and other materials, which are exclusively good for the hair. You should try to consume them in your usual meals on alternate days or even daily as they contain less of fat and carbohydrate. Salmon helps in conditioning your hair.

A few advantages of using Sunblock

Many people have this notion that using a Sunblock is another cosmetic trick for girls. But alas! That’s not the case. The natural factors of nature like the sun, wind, dust causes a lot of damage to our skin. Whenever one steps out of the house it is imperative to use a good sunblock cream to prevent your skin from getting harmed by such elements. The ultraviolet rays of the sun damages the inner pores of the skin. A right sun block prevents these pores from such damage.

It’s true that our skin needs a lot of Vitamin D from the sun. But constant exposure to sun just scars and tans your face and skin. It is advisable to buy a sunblock according to your skin type and select the best product. Choose a cream made of natural ingredients as it would suit all skin types. Apply the cream regularly whenever you go out in the sun and thus protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

High blood pressure: how to control

High Blood pressure is one of the most common health hazards. Nearly two out 5 people are a victim to High pressure. Blood pressure isn’t a disease or a disorder; so you don’t really need to go through a list of medication to cure it. Just make some minor changes in your lifestyle and you live a happy non-hypertension life. Here are some important tips to lower high BP.

Hypertension, too much stress and too much anger are the major causes of high blood pressure. Once you lead a stress-free life automatically you will have a normal pressure. Secondly be careful in your eating habits. Have less intake of salt; reduce fast foods, cut down on spicy diet.

A healthy green diet is directly proportional to a healthy pressure. Burring the excess fat and losing weight is another good way to keep your pressure in control. Exercise regularly, take a half and hour walk everyday to increase your metabolism. So follow these tips and live a healthy life.