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Learn how to lighten your skin tone naturally

Do you want to improve your skin tone and get rid of the tan? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, you will be pleased to know that there are quite a few natural remedies for skin lightening. Want to know about them? Read on.

To improve your skin tone naturally, you have to boil one cup of water and add one teaspoon of dried fennel in it. Let it boil for an hour. Now strain the herbal material from the boiling water and add a tablespoon of buttermilk in it. Apply it on your face. Rinse it thoroughly after 15 minutes.

You can also make a skin lightening cream at home by combing egg whites and lemon juice is equal parts. You must heat the mixture until it thickens and store it in the fridge. Apply it on your face and rinse it after 20 minutes. Apply the mixture daily until you get the skin tone you are looking for.

Tips to get rid of acne spots using things from your kitchen cupboard

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and every second teenager suffers from it. However it will be wrong to think that acne plagues people only during puberty. There are many people who suffer from acne in their 30s and 40s as well and therefore it’s important to find acne remedies. Like acne, acne zits are also pretty ugly and you need to get rid of them too.

And the good news is you can use stuffs from your kitchen cabinet to get rid of the acne spots. Mix cucumber juice, cabbage juice and carrot juice together and apply it on your face. Rinse it after 10 minutes, your acne spots will be visibly lighter.

Take some tomatoes out of your kitchen cabinet and apply the tomato pulp directly on your face. Use warm water to rinse it off after 30 minutes. It has been seen that regular use of tomato pulp fades away the cane zits gradually.