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Tips to lose belly fat effectively

The most effective way to lose fat is to exercise regularly and watch what you eat. Belly fat is generally considered very stubborn and you need special set of workout regime to get rid of it. You have to be … Continue reading

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Causes and treatment of Keratosis Pilaris

Have you heard of Keratosis Pilaris (KP)? Well, it is actually a skin ailment that manifests itself in the form of small, red and rough bumps usually around the hair follicles of the legs, upper arms, buttocks and in some … Continue reading

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Learn about hormone replacement therapy

A large number of women across the world suffer from various sorts of health hazards while reaching towards menopause. Due to rapid fluctuation of estrogen hormones in female bodies cause different menopausal symptoms like irregular menstruation, hot flushes, dehydrated body … Continue reading

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Learn how to save your skin from a bad tan

Tanning happens when you overexpose your skin to the sun. If you do not apply a proper sunscreen, on a regular basis, you are sure to get a bad tan. You need to be careful so that you do not … Continue reading

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