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Fight Against Cholesterol With Smart Foods

Millions of people worldwide suffer from high cholesterol. In case you have more or less recently discovered that you are now part of the statistics as well, we recommend a series of natural remedies that could help you maintain your bad cholesterol levels at more normal values.


What Is Cholesterol?

First of all, cholesterol is a special component in the body that is synthesized from a large number of foods we ingest. The role of cholesterol in the human body is to create a balance and maintain the permeability of the membranes of the cells. The processing of estrogen, cortisol, or other important hormones is also completed with the help of cholesterol.  Vitamins that are soluble in fat are also metabolized with the help of this component. More than 200 milligrams of cholesterol per each deciliter of blood translates into higher risk for developing heart disease or hypertension. So maintaining your cholesterol level as low as possible is going to help you live a healthier life. Below you will find a series of recommendations in terms of foods that can fight against high blood cholesterol.


Garlic Contains Helpful Antioxidants

Garlic is known to contain large quantities of sulphur-based antioxidants that are responsible for the normalization of cholesterol levels in the blood. By eating garlic on a regular basis you are going to be able to successfully reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol, which is the “bad” type of cholesterol, and also increase the levels of your “good” HDL cholesterol. You can eat it as is, or use it when making your salads or soups.


Oats Are Rich In Fiber

You can also eat more oats on a regular daily basis and get to enjoy a bigger intake of fiber rich in glucan. Glucan is a soluble type of a fiber that can successfully bind the cholesterol that circulates into the blood. The binding is then responsible for the excretion of the cholesterol and you should insert no more than 5 grams of oats into your daily diet for good results – 5 grams help you eradicate 5 percent of the bad cholesterol from the body. There is a large number of cooked meals you could use to consume more oats regularly, and you can even replace your regular rice consumption with Indian oats recipes.   


Green Tea Keep Bad Cholesterol At Bay

Green tea contains a great number of natural antioxidants and the large amounts of

epigallocatechingallate found in it are excellent for the fight against LDL cholesterol. Green tea also contains theobromine, caffeine, vitamins, and saponins, each playing an important beneficial role inside the body. Epigallocatechin is also known to increase metabolic rates and diminish appetite. Green tea has ten times more antioxidants as compared to fruits and vegetables.

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