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Causes of irregular periods

Causes of irregular periodsAre you suffering from irregular periods? Is it giving you a hard time? Menstrual cycle generally starts between the ages of 10-15 years. A girl’s menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle. The cycle often varies and it is found to be 24 day cycle or 34 day cycle in many women. You can even find that the cycles are of different length in different months. There are various other complications involved and many are faced with the problem of irregular periods. Irregular periods are very much common after menarche (the first period).

You need not to worry much as it is of not much concern. Prolonged illness, stress and sudden weight change can be the cause of irregular periods. The medical term for irregular periods is oligomenorrhea. Irregular periods means early periods, late periods or bleeding in between periods. It is generally of not much concern but you should consult a gynecologist if the problem persists.

Natural cures for erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction careMost men will feel embarrassed to admit that they suffer from erectile dysfunction and would rather struggle with an unhealthy sex life. But then there are some natural cures to treat erectile dysfunction. L-Arginine which is an amino acid helps to relax the blood vessels and thereby increases the blood flow to the penis. This amino acid can be obtained by consuming meat, fish and poultry. The mineral zinc also offers effective cure to the problem of erectile dysfunction. So to get rid of the problem you need to include zinc in your diet.

Those who are on the lookout for herbal remedies can think of trying out the herb known as Gingko to cure erectile dysfunction. The Indian herb Ashwagandha can also be used to increase the sexual prowess of an individual. Other than these natural cures you must think about maintaining a healthy diet and lead a life that is devoid of stress.


All about good cholesterols and omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids,Healthy DietAre you scared of your regular cardiac problems? Well then take closer look at this article where you can get ideas about the omega 3 fatty acids and regarding good cholesterol also. There are generally two kinds of cholesterol. One if HDL which is known as the good cholesterol and the other one is LDL which is known as the bad cholesterol and both of these are present in our blood. On the other hand Omega 3 fatty acid is also necessary for our bodies which are not produced in our bodies and we should get it only by consuming different kinds of foods. Cod, blue fish, mackerel, swordfish, trout, salmon these fleshy fishes have these acids in greater amounts. Soya bin oils, canola, eggs are also helpful if you want to increase the amount of fatty acids in your body. It also helps in reducing your blood pressure and keeps your heart in good condition.

Aromatherapy: a wonderful treatment if you suffer from anxiety

Aromatherapy, anxiety treatmentAromatherapy is a popular alternative medicine in which various kinds of therapeutic oils are used for health care. Mostly people with high tension, anxiety disorder find great relief by this treatment method and it provides them with enhanced relaxation, sets positive moods and removes bodily pains. In order to erase the muscle pains and headaches ylang-ylang oil is mostly used in aromatherapy oils. Clary-sage one of the most effective herbs that soothes pain is also an important ingredient for any therapeutic oil. With proper aromatherapy care you can have good amount of sleep, body relaxation and boosted up moods.

The University of Maryland’s medicine research team has recently investigated the efficiency of aromatherapy to reduce mental agony, tensions and pain. There are a few conventional as well as modern techniques for aromatherapy. But there is no specific rule by which each patient is treated by aromatherapy which is a safe treatment method.

How to ease infant asthma?

infant asthma, asthmaWhen your child is ill, it is always a cause of worry and misfortune. Many times, it has been seen that there are children who are even less than 2 years old are victims of asthma. It is not officially stated, that a child has asthma until he or she is 2 years old but if symptoms are seen, you should start mild treatments and precautions right away. If your family has a history of hay fevers, asthma, eczema or food allergies, then it is possible that your child will have asthma.

Mostly if the child’s immunity is weak, he or she might have asthma. A person’s basic immunity is boosted and built through Colostrum, which he or she gets as a baby from the mother’s milk within 2 to 4 days of birth. Later of light juices rich in vitamin C is helpful. If your child is lactose intolerant, take special care. Keep the baby away from dust, detergents and herbal medications or products. In addition, you can ask your doctor to help the baby with the Bowen technique for relief.