All about good cholesterols and omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids,Healthy DietAre you scared of your regular cardiac problems? Well then take closer look at this article where you can get ideas about the omega 3 fatty acids and regarding good cholesterol also. There are generally two kinds of cholesterol. One if HDL which is known as the good cholesterol and the other one is LDL which is known as the bad cholesterol and both of these are present in our blood. On the other hand Omega 3 fatty acid is also necessary for our bodies which are not produced in our bodies and we should get it only by consuming different kinds of foods. Cod, blue fish, mackerel, swordfish, trout, salmon these fleshy fishes have these acids in greater amounts. Soya bin oils, canola, eggs are also helpful if you want to increase the amount of fatty acids in your body. It also helps in reducing your blood pressure and keeps your heart in good condition.

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