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Home Remedies for Thrush


Also known as Candidiasis or Yeast Infection, Thrush is one of the commonest fungal infections. Though it is not a very serious illness, thrush can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. There are a number of home remedies that can be used to treat thrush.
Maintaining cleanliness on the affected area will greatly help in the treatment of thrush. Always use plain water and no soaps or lubricants when cleaning the affected area. Wear clothes made from natural fibers to prevent irritation. Avoid all kinds of dried fruits, yeast and dairy products as these are major thrush triggers.

Few facts about allergy asthma immunology

Health Care, Asthma, AllergyThere are necessary vaccines planted, invented and introduced for curing the process of allergy asthma immunology. It’s necessary for you to inhale such vaccines, so that they can tune up with your internal body resistance system, particularly during the case of facing asthma attacks or any allergic reactions.

The patients suffering from such diseases should take proper care of themselves so that they can beat up the diseases easily and hence stay a healthy and natural life. Patients especially need to be careful about their eating process, especially in concert consequences or in family outing plans.

The patient should go for regular check ups with their doctors and plan a routine visit to asthma and allergy clinic so that they stay aware about their daily little particular problems. Knowing these few facts of asthma or allergy can help you to address and solve your health problems in a proper and efficient manner.

How the body can react to nut allergies

Health Care, Nut AllergyNuts can turn out to be nontoxic for people whose immunity system is wrong for their body. Reactions take place when any kind of nuts like cashew, almond, walnuts etc are improperly digested. The suffering entirely depends on the immunity system of an individual as different persons develop different problems at different times.

A patient can suffer from mild or severe reactions like skin reactions that lead to swelling, rashes redness or itchiness. Skin reaction is the common problem seen amongst nut allergy patients. Gastrointestinal systems are also affected with the ingestion of nuts which in turn leads to the dilemma of diarrhea, vomiting and many more. The breathing problems can also take place because of existence of nut allergies. This in turn can lead to the hitch of sneezing, watery eyes and wheezing. Thus, these are various common problems associated with nut allergies and caused due intake of nuts.

Dust Allergy: Causes, Symptoms and more

Dust AllergyDust mites are considered to be the most common cause of asthma as well as allergies. The dust mites are inhaled by the human lungs and cause severe dust allergies and asthma not to mention eczema symptoms. The most common symptoms of this disease are the usual dust allergy symptoms. Dust mites are the main cause for causing this sickness and they are guilty of making hundreds of people suffer from respiratory troubles. Causes of dust allergies are dust mites are basically microscopic creatures that look like spiders and are found in homes. The dust mites are but little bugs that live as well as lay eggs. In the last 5 weeks of their existence these little pests lay eggs of up to 60-150 in a day.

The primary symptoms of this disease are the occurrence of hay fever and asthma. In case you are inflicted with dust allergy, then the common symptoms would include an irritating skin disease like eczema.