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What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a very bad thing and may lead to severe diseases thereafter if not taken care of at the right time. This is also termed as the “silent killer” by many doctors because you hardly get any signs of it. But if someone more prone to high blood pressure is kept under constant observation then fatal problems arising due to high blood pressure may be averted. You should visit your doctor to check if your blood pressure is under control or not.

High blood pressure can be sometimes characterized by nose bleeds, nausea, disturbances in vision, headaches etc. If you see any of these signs persisting in you for a continuous period then you should seek advice from your physician rather concluding something yourself. The above signs may arise due to various other factors as well. But if they are due to high blood pressure and are left unattended then they may in the near future lead to kidney failure, heart attack etc. which may even cause your death.

Tips to keep a check on your escalated blood pressure

Is your blood pressure giving you a lot of trouble? Well, high blood pressure can kill you silently. It is very essential to control your blood pressure as it can cause serious damage to arteries, veins and more importantly the heart. Heart supplies blood and oxygen to each and very part of the body. Any problem in its functioning will hamper all other organs and functions.

It is very important to take care of your blood pressure, especially if you are above 50. With proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can always keep a check on your blood pressure. Be careful about your weight as being overweight may lead to increase in pressure. You must exercise everyday to stay fit and increase the blood circulation. Do not have salt other than in any cooked dishes. Avoid food containing sodium, fat or packaged stuff. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your blood pressure normal.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

A lot of people suffer from low blood pressure but fail to realize it. However, the truth is, unlike high blood pressure that has no symptoms as such low blood pressure has several symptoms. Low blood pressure has a few classic symptoms that can be recognized easily. So, what are the symptoms of low blood pressure?

The classic symptoms of low blood pressure is fainting and feeling dizzy. People with low blood pressure often feel that they are standing on a rocking boat. So, that is a symptom as well. Another symptom is change in the mental status. This includes feeling confused, finding it difficult to concentrate and having a sense of “impending doom” always.

Another common symptom is changes in the pattern of breathing. Shallow, fast breathing is sign of possible low blood pressure. Feeling clammy or cold all of a sudden is also a sign of low blood pressure. Nausea is a common symptom as well.

High blood pressure: how to control

High Blood pressure is one of the most common health hazards. Nearly two out 5 people are a victim to High pressure. Blood pressure isn’t a disease or a disorder; so you don’t really need to go through a list of medication to cure it. Just make some minor changes in your lifestyle and you live a happy non-hypertension life. Here are some important tips to lower high BP.

Hypertension, too much stress and too much anger are the major causes of high blood pressure. Once you lead a stress-free life automatically you will have a normal pressure. Secondly be careful in your eating habits. Have less intake of salt; reduce fast foods, cut down on spicy diet.

A healthy green diet is directly proportional to a healthy pressure. Burring the excess fat and losing weight is another good way to keep your pressure in control. Exercise regularly, take a half and hour walk everyday to increase your metabolism. So follow these tips and live a healthy life.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Care, Body CareYou need to maintain correct blood pressure levels for a healthy heart and home blood pressure monitors help you keep a track of it in a nice and efficient manner. There are three different types of blood pressure monitors, aneroid, mercury column that we usually see in the doctor’s office and digital blood pressure monitors which have now become a common occurrence in all the heart patients’ house.

Though mercury column blood monitors are most accurate they are also extremely difficult to use. The light weight easy to use digital BP monitor devices are preferred choices, however following tips should be kept in mind before you buy any home blood pressure monitor:

Take a monitor with a properly sized LCD display so that you are easily able to read your blood pressure measurement
Select a battery powered device if you are constantly on a move

You should buy a model that can store multiple readings for easy monitoring. You can even select blood pressure monitors that can print your records

Other things to keep in mind are the proper cuff size, the accuracy of the device and the ease of use before buying your blood pressure monitor.

Select a device that comes with manufacturers warranty so that you can replace the faulty device.

Diet for people with high blood pressure

blood pressureHigh blood pressure diet is one which requires a lot of supervision. The consumption of processed foods like that of canned and packed foods should be reduced to a minimum level. Only those food items are considered good for the health of high blood pressure patients which has a minimum level of sodium or are salt-free. Consumption of an excessive quantity of liquor increases the chance of high blood pressure. Saffron and dried herbs should be a regular part of the blood pressure patient’s diet. The diet should also include lots of vegetables. To stay healthy and fit the high blood pressure patients must follow a strict diet.

High blood pressure diet

Pressure diet

The dietary recommendation that needs to be taken care of during high blood pressure is more than often quite difficult to pursue. However, if followed under strict surveillance, high blood pressure diet can control hypertension and other related dangers to a considerable extent.

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in case of high blood pressure. Low levels of alcohol consumption has always been known to be beneficial but recent researches have concluded that any amount of alcohol intake by people who are already under the wraps of high blood pressure can prove to be fatal.

An increase in the intake of salt in diet can worsen the condition of those suffering from high blood pressure. Regardless of this fact, reduced sodium intake in diet is always recommended as a healthy turn.

Saturated fat is a strict no-no for those suffering from high blood pressure diet. As it is the circulatory system experiences high levels of stress during high blood pressure, any extra amount can prove to be devastating for the concerned person.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and means high pressure caused in the arteries. Arteries as is commonly known are the blood vessels that carry blood after the pumping action of the heart is complete. The blood is circulated to all the tissues and organs of the human body. Emotional tension as well as stress can temporarily be responsible for an increment in blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is usually below 120/80 while a blood pressure rate of 140/90 or even above is considered high.

Formerly medical experts thought that sudden rises in the diastolic blood pressure were a more important risk factor when compared to many systolic elevations. The top number is the systolic blood pressure. This corresponds to the pressure in the human arteries just the way the heart contracts and continously pumps blood into the arteries. The bottom number represents the diastolic pressure which is the pressure in the arteries.