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All about good cholesterols and omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids,Healthy DietAre you scared of your regular cardiac problems? Well then take closer look at this article where you can get ideas about the omega 3 fatty acids and regarding good cholesterol also. There are generally two kinds of cholesterol. One if HDL which is known as the good cholesterol and the other one is LDL which is known as the bad cholesterol and both of these are present in our blood. On the other hand Omega 3 fatty acid is also necessary for our bodies which are not produced in our bodies and we should get it only by consuming different kinds of foods. Cod, blue fish, mackerel, swordfish, trout, salmon these fleshy fishes have these acids in greater amounts. Soya bin oils, canola, eggs are also helpful if you want to increase the amount of fatty acids in your body. It also helps in reducing your blood pressure and keeps your heart in good condition.

Learn to prevent cholesterol spots with the right diet

prevent cholesterol spots, diet controlRise in cholesterol often is accompanied by spots which look really bad when they appear. The only natural way to get rid of cholesterol spots is to change your eating habits. Following the right diet will help you improve your cholesterol number and you will lead a healthier and fit life. The main function of cholesterol in our body is to repair damaged arteries, improve digestion and some other functions as well. The rise in cholesterol can be due to the arteries being unfit, or because of consumption of cholesterol rich diet.

Never cut down on cholesterol rich food items totally or in one go. Try to reduce the consumption slowly and steadily so that there is no adverse reaction is shown by your body due to no availability of cholesterol as it requires it. Hydrogenated and polyunsaturated oils are very bad for the ones with high cholesterol, so avoid them totally.

Hazards of low level of cholesterol in the body

Cholesterol is actually a steroid metabolite that is waxy. It is found in cell membranes of living beings and is an important structural component in the cells. People are usually unaware of the importance of cholesterol and think that cholesterol is bad for health. Though too much of cholesterol is definitely bad, low level of cholesterol has several hazards.

For starters, you need to understand that low fat diet does not lead to low level of cholesterol. So, if you have low level of cholesterol it means that your body is not being able to produce the required level of cholesterol. Extremely low level of cholesterol can result in poor health.

Moreover low level of cholesterol means that you will be deprived of the benefits cholesterol. Cholesterol helps your body to produce Vitamin D, hormones and bile acid. Cholesterol is a proactive substance that keeps cardiac arrest and cancer at bay. Cholesterol also helps in repairing injuries.

Essential facts on cholesterol

Cholesterol, HealthCholesterol has for long been associated with various kinds of diseases such as heart attacks; high blood pressure level, and so on. Well what does cholesterol exactly means, cholesterol is a wax kind of substance that is mainly produced in the liver. Despite all the bad reputation surrounding cholesterol, this substance has a definite use in your body.

Cholesterol facilitates the building and maintenance of cell membranes, aids in the digestive process and in the proper functioning of the sex hormones, among others. High concentrations of this substance can be found in different major organs of the body such as the brains, nerves, liver, blood and bile.

There are two types of cholesterol that can be found in the body– the low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) and the high-density lipoproteins (HDLs).

LDLs are the types which are responsible for the diseases hence; they are ‘bad cholesterol’
HDLs are the types which facilitate removal of the harmful LDLs by “shuttling” it out of the body.

LDLs are mainly formed due to our diet hence, it is important to have a balanced diet. Oats seem to be a great food for absorbing LDLs from our body as such a bowl of oats is recommended for people having high cholesterol levels.

Thus, cholesterol is necessary for our body to carry out various activities but, it should be controlled to reduce heart problems.