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What is Medical Tourism?

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Increase in price of health care drugs in US

Health care is out to great thoughts even in the political issues of US. The increasing price of drugs that are prescribed by the physicians was one of the serious incidents considered by the politicians in US. When citizens realized that the price of the drugs will not be covered by their government and insurers, they were put in difficulties. US spend a lot on the pharmaceuticals on a per capita basis as compared to the rest of the world. US go for negotiating price of drugs that are purchased by the country. Such a negotiation is forbidden by law in case of the purchase of drugs for Medicare programs.

Impact of health care expense on families in US

Health insurance cost is increasing across US. The impact of such an increasing cost is noticeable. When the cost of health insurance coverage is increasing, people tend to remain uninsured. Health care cost increases resulting in a big fall in health insurance coverage.

Statistics show that families have problems caused due to the payment of health care and bills. It is known that when a family member is uninsured and accidently met with any sort of health related issues, the medical bills will destroy the entire family. Payment of rents and mortgage is affected when they have to spend too much of their income on health care.

Health care and economy in US

Health care is well maintained in the United States. Still then the cost of health care is so high that there are a large number of personal bankruptcies happening in US which is due to the high expenses in the medical field. The increased health care cost is affecting family life and the total economy of the nation.
It is not only the uninsured that is affected by the escalating prices in health care. This increasing cost has reached an unsustainable situation. The country is looking forward to a situation where in the trust funds will be running out in the coming years. Behind this increase, an advanced technology in health care and other research are demanding much attention.