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Viagra alternatives

Viagra, herbalViagra is something that enhances a man’s sexual prowess so to speak. Viagra is actually an oral drug and is known to treat erectile dysfunction. This medication has a large safety track record. Viagra’s effects have been scientifically proven and the action starts in about half an hour to an hour and reportedly lasts for about 4 hours. There are several sort of cheap Viagra also available in the market. Viagra is actually a phosphodiesterase inhibitor and works simply by helping the blood flow into the penis in order to achieve as well as maintain an erection.

As can be understand the popularity of Viagra has immensely increased especially over the past year. Viagra is a marvelous little blue pill that brings in a really satiating bout of passion as well as excitement into people’s sex lives. Thus it is no wonder that Viagra has proven to be a bestseller and is highly it’s effective for several people. However everything has a good and a bad side. Sadly Viagra is also not an exception of this age-old yet very true adage. The primary problem with Viagra is the fact that its usage encourages people to absolutely forget about treatment. People cease to visit a doctor for curing their own penile dysfunction and most of them just pop a pill for an instant result. At the same time cheap Viagra available in the market also come with a bunch of side effects.

The big question thus arises. Is there an alternative to Viagra? There are people who seek to find solace in Herbal Viagra that doesn’t plague them with weird side effects. There are in fact a large number of people who prefer “natural” Viagra like a herb. Several fascinating Viagra supplements have recently come up which may provide benefits to its users within a few days to weeks. If you are planning to buy Viagra, you can check the options available for it.

There are a few herbal Viagra that sexually stimulate you without bugging you with annoying side effects.

They are:-

Ginkgo Biloba is a herb that is usually taken in as a memory booster may provide benefits. It is known to act by enhancing blood flow and is relatively free from side effects.

Arginine is an amino acid that is also known to enhance the blood flow. In a recent study conducted with 50 men 31% of those with impotence showed signs of improvement after six weeks of taking arginine.

Other herbal Viagra includes DHEA, Yohimbe and others.

Herbals as the mainstream medicine

Herbal viagraSince ancient times, men have been prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction problems that cause numerous problems in their sex lives. People have been doing research in the hope of finding substances that might help them deal with this problem. Their efforts paid off when in the year 1998 the FDA approved the drug Viagra which would be used to treat people affected with this ailment. This drug worked by opening up the blood vessels when the man was sexually aroused.

Though the drug was meant to treat erectile dysfunction athletes began using it as they felt that their blood vessels would open up thus resulting in increased flow of oxygenated blood in their bodies. However this drug was very expensive and most people could not afford this drug. To help these people, an herbal variety of the original prescription drug was invented that had the same effect as the normal drug. These drugs are known as generic variants.

These herbal Viagra drugs have no side effects and are easily digested and act in a matter of 30 to 45 minutes as compared to Viagra that takes about 1-2 hours to work. These natural variants are created by the fusion of natural aphrodisiacs from all over the world. Herbal Viagra come in various formulas and are a combination of various powerful herbs.

However in addition to taking this generic variant it is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example you can give up smoking, go for walks, eat a balanced low fat diet, drink less amounts of alcohol and live peacefully. Benefits from cheap Viagra include increased sensitivity during sexual acts. These products made from natural ingredients are effective in increasing the sperm count, sex drive, seminal volume, and a general sense of well being which is very essential to lead a normal life.