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How to be fat and fit

‘Fat’ and ‘fit’ are two words that never seem to go together. But being lean necessarily means that you are fit. In fact, many physicians say that it is better to be fat and fit than be thin and unhealthy. It is emphasized that the focus of our lifestyle should be on improving fitness levels.

Most obese and overweight people concentrate on weight loss using various means. Some persons go to extremes by starving themselves or taking weight loss pills. The end result might be some amount of weight loss but at the cost of health. The key is to follow a regular exercise routine and consume a healthy diet in order to stay fit. Even if you are overweight but have a healthy cardiovascular activity and normal functioning of other body systems, there is nothing to worry about. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and you will naturally shed weight over a period of time.

Exercises to Keep Your Legs Toned

How many times in a day do you fantasize about getting rid of all the unwelcome cellulite on your legs and wish they could look as if carved from satin stone? Look no further! Here are a few easy to follow tips and exercises:

  • Remember, any exercise program must be supplemented with a well-balanced diet and loads of water.
  • Cycling works wonders for your calf muscles and you could listen to music while doing so.
  • Basic squats would work the most difficult part- thighs!
  • Lie down flat on your back, lift both your legs from the ground and start cycling in the air; this uses all the muscles in your legs as well of the abdomen.
  • If you find these boring and are the sporty type, go for swimming, squash or kick boxing. These sports focus mainly on the legs and are excellent cardio work-outs.
  • Walk. Climb the stairs. Run. Jog. Dance.

Just make your legs work! Legs don’t like to be idle, they like having to be put to use, only then do they reveal their gorgeous self.

Workouts That Help You Grow Taller!

The best workouts for gaining height are the ones that combine stretching with cardiovascular exercises swimming and cycling .Plus these workout regimes help you to learn a new skill. Some Yoga stretches like Tadasana, Dhaunrasana combined with proper breathing regime or Pranayama are extremely effective.

There are some other stretching exercises which could also be followed like the chin up which is great for overall muscle building. The simplest make-do exercise would be the Hang, where you can hang for 10 to 15 minutes from anything like a tree branch. This exercise is good for posture alignment and muscle building.

How are these exercises helping? Stronger muscles, through resistance workouts have the effect of improving core muscle power and thickening your cartilage in the spinal column which leads to lengthening of the spine. It has been medically proven that stretching regimes to produce extra hormones for height increase. The essential concluding element is something you are going to love – SLEEP! So go on and take control of your height.

Causes and cures of lower back pains

Sciatica or lower back pains can at times become quite severe and intolerable. In order to combat them, knowing how they are actually caused can help a lot. Usually when you are on the heavier side, you become more prone to back pains. Thus try to keep your weight under control if you want to avoid such aches.

Lifting heavy weights can also be a major cause behind Sciatica. In our day to day life it sometimes becomes inevitable to carry heavy things like grocery bags and our furniture. But we may be pretty unaware of how it affects our back severely. Thus it is always recommended that you take help from others while doing such chores. Your incorrect sitting posture may also aggravate lower back pain. Try to avoid slouching and always sit straight to avoid unnecessary back aches.

Now that you are aware of the causes you can easily avoid them to combat back aches. But if you are already suffering from Sciatica, yoga can do wonders for your back. Also consult an expert orthopaedic for more details on medication.

The Celebrity Fit Club Diet

Dieting is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. There are several different type of dieting plans which some work but some do not work. The celebrity fit club diet is a well planned diet that with help you keep fit and loss all those pound you’ve been wanting to loss.

The diet is divided into four phrases. The phrase involves trying to get rid of all the toxic that are in the body. It’s a hard nine days phrase were you are limited a few type of food to eat. In this phrase you loss a lot of weight and total concentrating should be involve so that you do not go against the diet plan.

The next two phrases prevent you from eating all those foods that are not healthy to you. This dieting lifestyle is introduced and enforced slowly one step at a time to the dieter so that they do not notice any rapid change in their eating habits.

Easy Way to Speed Up Metabolism

Metabolism, Health Care, Body Care, Fitness,People in recent times are looking more then ever to get rid of their flab and embrace fitness. To loose weight fast the best way is to speed up your metabolism which will help you burn extra calories even when you are resting. So here are some sure shot yet easy ways to speed up metabolism:

Never skip breakfast as lack of food for long hour can result in slowing down of body metabolic processes. Give your body an energy boost right in the morning by having breakfast including complex carbohydrates, 25% proteins and some fresh fruits. To speed up metabolism breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and have dinner as a pauper.

Instead of having three big meals split them into 5-6 small meals all through out the day.

Snack on healthy options like unsalted nuts, fresh fruits or frozen yogurts which will keep a check on your cravings

Get adequate rest as this is the time your body takes to heal itself and hence has a positive impact on your metabolic process

Include some physical activity in your daily life which is extremely essential to speed up your metabolism.

Choose a Fitness Gym to Stay Healthy

Fitness, Health, Gym, ExerciseHealthy body has a healthy mind and along with balanced diet regular exercise is must for your overall wellbeing. Joining a fitness center will help you to attain a fit body and also increase your stamina and develop agility. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a fitness gym to stay healthy:

First understand what your fitness goals are and what kind of workout you prefer. Would you like to join a gym that is attended by guys and girls both? Do you want a gym that has its own swimming pool, steam room and sauna bath. Would you prefer having your own personal trainer or do you like to workout on your own.

Find where the gym is located. Choose a gym located close to your place which you can attend regularly and see what all equipments are available in the gym.
Spend some time in a gym before you sign for a long term membership. As sometimes we take costly membership and it all goes down the drain as you are unable to sustain your workout sessions.

So select a gym and attain your fitness goals.

Tips on choosing the Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Health Care, Body BuildingBodybuilding supplement choice depends on the type of body you want. You should realize your goal before spending your money on bodybuilding supplements. There are so many products available in the market that one tends to get confused. Taking advantage of this confusion, many pharmaceutical companies sell you products that you do not need in the first place.

If you are intending muscle building, workouts are required. But then, it is not feasible to have good muscles showing up layers of fat deposits. You should check out on the fat supplements. With muscle building in mind, you should avoid junk food. You may use supplements that increase metabolism and helps you reduce fat as well.

Similarly, if you want a flexible body that never tires, you will need supplements that help you gain and retain high levels of energy. Simply relying on supplements will not help. Please remember that supplements should be taken with proper food and not as a replacement for it. Good nutrition is the key for the supplement to work properly.

How Yoga and weight loss go together?

Yoga & Weight lossYoga refers to the traditional meditative methodology usually followed up by Hinduism & Buddhism. Yoga consists of postures (Asnas) and breathing exercises (Parnayam).

Adopting yoga for weight loss is a good option. Yoga proves to be the best technique for reducing weight as it tones the body in a uniform manner, unlike any other weight loss programmes, where the skin starts shagging as the fat reduces.

Weight loss and yoga can just go together as you choose the right kind of yoga with right techniques. There is no side effect linked with yoga. Yoga techniques to be used for weight loss are as follows:


Asnas are the correct posture to be maintained which is very essential for reducing fats from various parts of the body. Forward bending, twisting, backwards. Bending helps in reducing fat from abdomen & thighs.


Breathing exercise is referred as Parnayam. Kapalbharti, Bhariska and fast breathing leaves great effect on obese people by burning fat and improving lungs tendencies.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet consisting green leafy vegetables and fruits helps in reducing the fat composition.

Can Yoga provide relief from back pain?

Yoga & back painWith a change in the lifestyle many people across the globe are prone to serious back pain. This problem is mostly prevalent in the urban areas and is also caused due to long working hours, wrong sitting posture and many other reasons.

Many people who are suffering from back pain find yoga a very effective exercise in reducing the pain. You must contact your physician and a yoga instructor before starting with yoga. As the major cause of back ache is due to the stiffness and strain in the spinal cord caused due to wrong sitting posture yoga helps a lot in relieving that stiffness.

Yoga if accompanied by an instructor increases your strength and ability. It’s also contracts the tight and the weak muscles which are a cause of back ache. Yoga postures or Asnas that helps in relieving the back pain are as follows:

• Salabhasana or Locust pose
• Bhujangasana or Cobra pose
• Pawanmuktasana or Wind releasing pose (twice each side)
• Balasana or Child pose (sitting)
• Bidalasana or Cat pose

Yoga proves to be the best remedy for back pain. Yoga also helps in relieving back ache if you are pregnant. Some postures of yoga should be avoided in that case. But, you can consult your instructor and resume the yoga exercises.