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Do Foot Pads Really Detoxify the Whole Body?

Foot pad

Detox food pads absorb all the toxins from your body while you are asleep. For the purpose, it needs to be worn at night just prior to sleeping. If the pads get discolored by the morning, then they have done their work. Today, the foot pads have assumed proportions of a craze. This does not seem as quite convincing though.

Okay, we all know that toxins are made up of many tiny particles but they are also made of heavy metal deposits. No person in his right brains would imagine heavy metals drifting away from your body through pores. The claim of the makers is that the product is strong enough to convert heavy metals into permeable substances. Well! As said, this looks like too good to be true.

The manufacturers are claiming that the product can heal arthritis, blood pressure, neurological symptoms and much more. Let’s believe in what they say and be happy about being revitalized through a foot patch.