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Uncommon causes of headache

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Headaches and its symptoms


Headache is the pain that one experiences in the head or on the upper neck. This is one of the most common pains occurring in the human body. Headaches have a large number of causes. In the year 2007 the famous International Headache Society decided on an updated classification system for headache. This new classification system completely allows the doctors as well as the health care practitioners to properly understand a certain diagnosis completely so as to provide better as well as more effective treatment regimens.

A headache is usually cured by the intake of aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aleve. There are other medications available that also successfully cure headaches. One can go for stress managements incase the aforementioned medications fail. One can also take the OTC medications and it is important to remember that all the OTC medications are after all medications and just might have adverse side effects.