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Are Indoor Humidity Levels Affecting Your Health?

Health, Fitness, AtmosphereThe human body is most comfortable in the outdoors where the humidity is natural. Indoor humidity would most times be outside the ranges that are perfect for your body. Low humidity of less than 30% can result from indoor heating and high humidity of more than 50% is usually when the air in the indoors is very dump.

Low humidity results in excessive loss of body water, which will cause your skin and eyes to dry up. Dry eyes would most like be itchy. You are also likely to get a sore throat and sinus pain in low humidity.

High humidity on the other hand is perfect for breeding of dust mite, mold and fungus. These factors are irritants which would easily spur allergic reactions from the body. You therefore need to gauge the air humidity and adjust it to resemble the outdoors, if you have to keep indoors.