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How to cure herpes naturally

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Lemon Assures Many Health Benefits

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Food to Increase Your Hemoglobin Level

Hemoglobin, healthy dietHemoglobin is the protein which binds to blood in the human body. It is very important as it binds to oxygen and takes it to different parts of the body. It also binds to carbon dioxide and takes it back to the lungs for exhalation. Lack of hemoglobin can cause severe diseases including anemia. It has been found out that vitamin C plays a major role in increasing hemoglobin levels. Vitamin C is found in citrus foods like lemons and oranges. Vitamin C directly plays no role in this but it helps absorb iron which in turn does the trick of increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body.

You should also try foods rich in iron like lean red meat, figs, spinach, raisins, tuna and salmon fish, oysters, beef, liver, egg yolk and whole grains. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try kidney beans, prunes, apricots, lima beans, asparagus, broccoli and kale which are known to be high in iron content.

Advantages of Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment, health care tipsChiropractic treatments have always been proven to be very beneficial to people in several ways. Chiropractors say that people with joint pains and neck pains are the ones who can get the most amounts of help. There are other medical treatments but chiropractic treatments nave no side effects as there are no medicines and drugs involved. This is a healthy and efficient way to get better.

Other cases can be helped through chiropractic too. For example, if someone is having a lot of cramps during pregnancy, cures nausea, helps in easy delivery of the baby etc. also in conditions of post surgery pains (of some surgeries) chiropractic treatments can be very beneficial. Chiropractic practice is a serious and difficult task and the wrong kind of treatment may leave you in acute pain. But be careful never to go to a doctor who doesn’t have a good reputation or who doesn’t have the right credentials.

Are healing medicines really effective?

Cealing medicines, natural cureNative people believed in healing therapies learnt from the ancestors and thought illness is caused by supernatural powers and spirits. However, Greek philosopher Hippocrates provided a more rational view into the art of healing.

According to him, a person’s resistance against illnesses should be built with natural element like food, fresh air, hydrotherapy and massage. Healing medicines has attracted a lot of people in the recent years and it has been found that natural herbs and forms of emotional therapy work effectively in mental and spiritual healing. If a person believes in healing medicines, illnesses can be treated more effectively. Ancient methods like acupuncture, hypnotherapy and herbology are being studied upon and healing medicines are gaining popularity over the chemicals put together to fight diseases. Art of healing medicines is taught at many institutions and constant research on the subject has proved that immunity against many diseases could be achieved naturally, without any surgery or medication.

Understanding the ph balance of your body

Manage blood sugar, health tipsWhen there is low oxygen, then the tissues of our body tends to produce it for their own. They do it by creating oxygen by fermenting blood sugar. This results in increased acid and alkaline level which can cause various diseases. Doctors have proved that high level of acid in body helps in the growth of cancerous cells and can cause immense harm. You must take care of your health by eating a balanced diet.

Your diet must balance the alkaline and acid level in body to prevent any diseases. Make sure that you eat something every hour and do not keep your stomach empty. Try to avoid rich and oily foods that are root causes of acidity. Acidity can cause dizziness and indigestion. You must take care of your health and avoid fast foods like burgers and pizzas. Try to do yoga everyday to maintain your body balance.

Causes of irregular periods

Causes of irregular periodsAre you suffering from irregular periods? Is it giving you a hard time? Menstrual cycle generally starts between the ages of 10-15 years. A girl’s menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle. The cycle often varies and it is found to be 24 day cycle or 34 day cycle in many women. You can even find that the cycles are of different length in different months. There are various other complications involved and many are faced with the problem of irregular periods. Irregular periods are very much common after menarche (the first period).

You need not to worry much as it is of not much concern. Prolonged illness, stress and sudden weight change can be the cause of irregular periods. The medical term for irregular periods is oligomenorrhea. Irregular periods means early periods, late periods or bleeding in between periods. It is generally of not much concern but you should consult a gynecologist if the problem persists.

Aromatherapy: a wonderful treatment if you suffer from anxiety

Aromatherapy, anxiety treatmentAromatherapy is a popular alternative medicine in which various kinds of therapeutic oils are used for health care. Mostly people with high tension, anxiety disorder find great relief by this treatment method and it provides them with enhanced relaxation, sets positive moods and removes bodily pains. In order to erase the muscle pains and headaches ylang-ylang oil is mostly used in aromatherapy oils. Clary-sage one of the most effective herbs that soothes pain is also an important ingredient for any therapeutic oil. With proper aromatherapy care you can have good amount of sleep, body relaxation and boosted up moods.

The University of Maryland’s medicine research team has recently investigated the efficiency of aromatherapy to reduce mental agony, tensions and pain. There are a few conventional as well as modern techniques for aromatherapy. But there is no specific rule by which each patient is treated by aromatherapy which is a safe treatment method.

Learn about hormone replacement therapy

A large number of women across the world suffer from various sorts of health hazards while reaching towards menopause. Due to rapid fluctuation of estrogen hormones in female bodies cause different menopausal symptoms like irregular menstruation, hot flushes, dehydrated body fluids etc. These are known as osteoporosis and thousands of females go for hormone replacement therapy to prevent such health risks.

Although osteoporosis is not a common disease for every ageing woman but it could become problematic for some. HRT is the most frequently prescribed method to combat menopausal suffering as it includes cardiac, cerebral and even psychological problems.

Through HRT treatment artificial estrogen hormone is inserted into women’s bodies who suffer mainly from osteoporosis or other bone weakening diseases. HRT could be facilitated into a person’s body through creams, implants, tablets and skin patches though the decision regarding intake of HRT treatment should be considered by the expert physician and respective patient. The content and quantity of external hormones must be monitored regularly to prevent health risks such as breast cancer, heart attacks etc.

How to take care of your gums

Medical studies have shown that the health of your gum plays a vital role in maintaining your overall health. Believe it or not, there is an integral link between the health of your gum and the health of your heart. And since taking care of your gums, does not take a long it’s advisable that you take care of your gum regularly.

To take care of your gums properly the first thing that you need to do is purchase a branded toothbrush. If possible, get yourself an electric toothbrush. It will remove the plaque effectively and promote the health of your gums. If you buy a manual toothbrush, get one that fits your mouth properly and has soft bristles.

Next, get toothpaste that promotes oral health. It’s important that your toothpaste has fluoride. Fluoride prevents cavities that damage your gum. You must learn to brush and floss your teeth properly. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily.