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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Dietary Fats

Most people are wary of fats at all costs, but the fact is that not all fats are bad. Some fats can make one healthier, leaner, and more muscular. But one should know the basics of these fats, so that they can know which ones to avoid, and which ones to look out for.

Most dietary fats are packaged as triglycerides, which mean they are made of 3 fatty acids attached to one backbone. There are fatty acids found in glycerol having carbon molecules and a bunch of hydrogen. It is also worth noting that fatty acids are of 3 main types. There are saturated fatty acids, polysaturated fatty acids, and also monosaturated fatty acids. While one is advised to avoid animal fats, beef fat has for example only 55% of monosaturated fatty acids, which can clog the heart. Egg yolks on their part may contain around 39% of these fatty acids.

Heart-Smart eating with Herbs

Health Care, Heart CareHerbs are low in fats and help you maintain the flow of blood properly to all parts of your body. If the flow is smooth, your heart need not exert more pressure to help blood reach farther places in the body. Most of the people suffer from veins that are narrowed by the fat deposits and cholesterol, which is due to the intake of junk food, which is almost unavoidable in a busy life.

If you want your heart to function, you have to take some time out to do some research on foods that actually help you keep diseases at bay. Many herbs have the properties that reduce and remove the fat deposits, thereby making space for the blood to flow smoother. Other herbs can lower your cholesterol levels surprisingly.

Some of these miraculous herbs are Garlic, Hawthorn, Coleus, Motherwort, Bilberry, Kelp, Cayenne, capsicum. These herbal foods may not taste as good as the junk food initially, but once you get habituated, you will not feel the bitter taste. For best effects, use the natural extracts without mixing them with anything except for some juices.

What are gout attacks?

Gout attack

Gout is generally referred to as a medical condition whereby the uric acid crystals deposit in our body is raised to a significant extent. If they happen to be overloaded, the concerned person is sure to suffer from recurring arthritis attacks. Those who are known to suffer from chronic gout attacks, they have in them deposits of hard uric acid lumps. The consequence of this can be formation of kidney stones and / or hard lumps at joints.

Gout attacks occur during nighttime and the people who suffer from this disease are generally known to consume high quantity of meat, especially fish and mutton with a negligible portion of leafy vegetables and fruits. Consuming high levels of alcohol and saturated fats can also lead one to suffer from gout attacks.

In order to prevent gout attacks reduce your consumption of red meat and alcohol. Also consult a health care provider for proper medication.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a method by which the people with disabling strokes are brought back to their normal life with the help of appropriate treatments. Different therapies are included in this method. They are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, language therapy, and also involve the treatment with medicines as directed by a physician. For different patients the type of the therapy also varies. For example, speech therapy is used for patients who have troubles in understanding speech. Also the team of people who are involved in this treatment will conduct regular discussion with the friends and relatives of the patient about the current situation.


I just planted an avocado tree in my back yard. Sure, I love the taste of guacamole and avocado smoothies, but really it was to enjoy the health benefits of avocados. Avocados are a great source of potassium which is good for the circulatory system, folic acid which is good for the heart, and carotenoid lutein which is a natural antioxidant that protects against atherosclerosis and vision problems, but sadly is deficient in many western diets.

Having an avocado tree means I will be able to enjoy all of these health benefits year round. I love eating them and the health benefits can’t be beat.


Acidophilus is a term used by marketers to describe concoctions that include Lactobacillus acidophilus (or L. acidophilus for short). L. acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria that is often found in yogurts and the like that is thought to be beneficial for digestion. In fact when someone has created an imbalance of digestive fauna by taking antibiotics to fight off an infection, then consuming acidophilus can help restore proper digestive health. Acidophilus can also be used to avoid indigestion and diarrhea. Other benefits include a strengthened immune system, improved levels of cholesterol and the prevention of recurring yeast infections.