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Taking care of yourself immediately after childbirth

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Get Rid of Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal thing to every woman. The vagina needs to stay moist in order to clean its self. This discharge removes dead cells and bacteria that are found in the vagina. Increase in this discharge is expected during pregnancy or during sexual excitement. This discharge does not smell.

It’s not normal however when the discharge has a certain unpleasant smell and it’s thick and white in color. Or it’s very itchy and you feel pain during intercourse. You may end up having genital sores.

These problems are caused by batteries that will make the discharge smell fishy. Not changing your tampons will increase your chance of being infected. You should found out if your partner is suffering from any sexual infections.

When you have this kind of problems you should make sure you go see a doctor soon. Different cases of vaginal discharge have its different way of treating it.

Irregular Menstruation – Is it Quite Normal to Every Woman

When a girl reaches a certain age she starts undergoing some changes. One of these changes is menstruation. The menstruation cycle occurs to women as a sign of fertility. This cycle normally takes about 28 days but changes from month to months depending on your lifestyle.

Most cycle normally is between 24 and 34 days and most of them last between 4 and 7 days. But not all women experiences this normal cycles. They are three irregular menstruations that affect women. There is the absence of the menstrual cycle or simply called amenorrhea, there is dysmenorrheal where the female has a very painful menstrual cycle and menorrhagia where the female undergoes heavy menses.

These irregular menstruations are commonly caused by thyroid disorder and other hormone related disorders. Stress, dieting and birth control pills can also cause irregular menstruation. These problems are quite normal and can not be easily prevented in life.

Performing a Breast Self Exam

A lot of women run the risk of developing breast cancer. It is important you carry out a self breast examination each month. There are some steps that you should follow. Go in front of a mirror without your bra and shirt. Look for any changes on the shape, skin and texture of the breast. Look for puckering or dumpling on the breast. Inspect your nipples and look for changes in texture, shape or the color. Squeeze each one of them and look for any abnormal discharge.

You should repeat these two steps when your hands are at your side and when raised over your head. In addition, you should also repeat these steps when your hands are at your hips. You should raise one arm and check the opposite arm with first two fingers. Apply pressure on the breast in circles and be on the lookout for anything abnormal.

Acupuncture Can Effectively Treat Many Women’s Health Issues


Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese technique where specific pressure points in the body are stimulated by fine needles to cure illnesses, still finds a place in contemporary medicine because of its effectiveness. A notion exists that acupuncture is only effective in muscular pain relief. However, it has proved to be remedial for many afflictions, including many afflictions that women face. A majority of women suffer from PMS i.e.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome which results in many symptoms such as Irritability, headaches, muscle pain, feeling bloated due to increased water retention, breast tenderness and mild depression. These symptoms can range from mild to debilitating. Acupuncture can help fight PMS better than conventional medicine. This is because Acupuncture seeks to restore the body’s balance holistically and not just treat the symptoms. Women also face Dysmennhorea, commonly known as menstrual abdominal cramps. While pills are available for pain relief, they don’t offer a permanent cure.

Acupuncture, taken at the right time during the menstrual cycle can help alleviate these cramps by mobilizing the body’s principal energies known as the Yin and Yang. Acupuncture can also help lessen the symptoms of Menopause such as hot flushes, weight gain, palpitations and insomnia. Hormonal replacement therapy used conventionally can have many side effects which aren’t seen with Acupuncture. It is also believed to be effective as a cure for Endometrosis and Infertility.

Stay away from diseases with nature’s help

Natural treatmentNatural health treatment and maintenance have so much positive results that you will not have to go and consult doctor very often for diseases. Very simple tips like eating basil leaves daily will keep you away from typhoid, hepatitis etc. A clove leaf can reduce even the most severe toothache.

For menstrual disorders, ladies need not go for medicines; instead a mixture of egg with gingelly oil will keep the pain without elevating. Ginger and cumin along with sugar will act as an effective treatment for cough.

Lemon juice with honey will keep you away from cold. Cardamom powder mixed with water is a perfect remedy for urinary infection. Basil leaves in the bathing water will reduce the body rashes to a great extend.

Diarrhea can be cured by eating guava leaves daily. Drinking water with jiggery will reduce acidity related problems. Thus to a great extend, you need not have to keep medicines when nature is with you.

Health tips to reduce cramps during menstrual period

A large number of women suffer from menstrual cramps at one or the other point of their life. The percentage of women affected by this problem is so high that it is necessary for women to know the tips to deal with this health problem.

The best self help tip is to avoid fried items, potato and other food items that will cause constipation problems. Garlic is a recommended medicine which can be taken alone or with lime. Day time sleep has to be avoided and it is ideal to take bed rest to reduce the cramps. Before the onset of periods, women can be prepared to welcome it with simple exercises.

A simple exercise of lying on the bed with face up and bringing the knees to the chin a ten times will help to reduce the severity of the pain during menstruation. With holding back of the chair standing, doing deep-knees bends for five times is yet another remedy.

Menopause and diet

Menopausal women often complain about various health problems affecting them, including sleep problems. They often find to take refuge in alcohol or sleeping aids that will help them to get a sleep at night.

Since the body temperatures can be elevated during this time, it is ideal to keep the room cool before sleeping. Relaxation techniques or a bath before sleeping will help women to have a restful sleep at night.

Caffeine intake has to be regulated for a prolonged period after noon. Using pillows and bed toppers that can adjust to the changing temperature of the body of menopause women will help them to get a cool sleep. This will also help to keep away from the normal flashes and the night sweats that are common during the menopause period. It is always to try for such simple methods than go for hormone therapy for avoiding the issues related to menopause.