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Facts about Hypertension


Hypertension is surely one of the most common and primary symptom associated with high blood pressure.  Hypertension is directly related to high blood pressure and can be controlled through natural remedies and a little bit of change in your lifestyle. Unlike prescription drugs natural remedies combat the root cause of hypertension instead of trying to keep it under control. Moreover, these drugs often have side effects leading to increased levels of bad cholesterol, nausea, headache etc.

Some of the common consequences of hypertension can result in stroke, kidney failure and heart attack.

Natural remedies include a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime. Foods such as bananas, beans, white potatoes, skimmed milk, and celery can be very helpful for hypertension. It is important to restrict the usage of salt in your food. Certain herbal supplements also help in treating hypertension, although, you should always consult a doctor before taking any supplement.