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Protein And Kidney Function

The question of whether really a high consumption of proteins can hamper the kidney’s functions is a controversial one. Some health experts warn that consumption of high amounts of proteins can cause renal failure with time. But the truth is that numerous studies have been done to ascertain the truth. Most of the studies have unswervingly pointed to the fact that indeed consumption of proteins will not necessarily cause kidney problems.

In fact most of those who develop related complications are likely to have had a pre existing renal condition. In other words, only those with renal conditions should be wary of consuming high intakes of proteins. One should learn to take plenty of water, as water enhances protein digestion, and cleanses wastes produced by protein metabolism.

Suffice it to note that the kidney’s function deteriorates with age, due to the gradual loss of nephrons, which act as the filtering units.

Treatment of Renal Stone

Renal stone or commonly known as kidney stone is one of the most painful disorders that can affect you. This is a hard stone that forms within your kidney or urinary tract. This is caused by the blood that is found in your urine.

It is believed that you are likely to suffer from kidney stone if your family has a history or this disorder. Other kidney infections like metabolic disorder can also cause kidney stones. Other people who inherits a disease call renal tubular acidosis are high possible to develop kidney stone.

Kidney stone are very easy to detect. The first signs you get when you develop kidney stones is extreme pain. The pain is caused when the stone moves towards the urinary tract. Nausea and vomiting is followed by this and the pain will end up spreading up to the groin. Renal stone can be treated by being passed through the urinary system with a lot of water.

Tips to avoid pains arising out of kidney stones

Water for healthKidney stone pain is one of the intense and greatest of all pains. Men are more likely to get affected by kidney stones and are more commonly found in ages between 20 and 50.

Kidney stone is formed due to the excess mineral excreted into urine or due to low fluid content of the body. The pain is intense just because of the pressure exerted on the walls of the kidneys due to the difficulty I passing urine. The pain is accompanied by vomiting and nausea and these are just due to the intensity of pain.

Drinking water for about 2 litres day is the primary treatment for kidney stones. It is highly recommended to avoid excess intake of proteins from meat which will accelerate kidney stone. Food containing high oxalate levels such as sweet potatoes, tea and coffee should be strictly reduced or avoided. Increased intake of fruits and juices is also desirable for patients suffering from kidney stone.