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Benefits of home remedies

home remedyHome remedies refer to the old traditional natural cures with the help of vegetables, fruits and herbs which can be easily found and available at home. These remedies are not so expensive and thus it reduces the expense on day to day illness. These home remedies are also free from life threatening side effects of some of the modern medicines. These have been the medicines in early days till these are replaced by modern medicines.

You can found cure of most of the day to day illness in your kitchen only. Almost all the small disease like head ache, soar throat , asthma, bleeding nose or burns etc can be found in the kitchen only.

People are more and more shifting towards natural home cures rather than taking medicines for even small problem. The main benefits of natural home remedies are as follows:

Cheap: this is the cheapest way to cure diseases.

Clean: since the ingredients are same you are using for cooking, you are assured that they are clean.

Easy to find: Since the ingredients used re fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices they can be easily found either at home or at any local grocery shop.

Milder: Unlike, modern medicines these remedies are prepared by you at your home only these are fresh, unspoiled. The ingredients are pure so thus, directly attack illness.

Fewer side effects: Unlike modern medicines, these recipes are free from any type of side effect.
These home remedies can cure many illnesses.

But, modern medication programs are much more researched and help in curing the serious disease faster.

Natural cure for chronic fatigue

fatigueMost of us have already been experienced fatigue; main reasons of fatigue are difficult and stressful work, which stresses on the physical strength of an individual. But, chronic fatigue is different from normal fatigue. Chronic fatigue is usually experienced for a long time, may be six months or more.

Fatigue or physical tiredness is usually caused due to lack of sleep or due to some stressful work. Normal fatigue can be cured with proper rest. But, chronic fatigue is some thing in which the sufferer just seems to be dragging his life without any energy. Chronic fatigue is a result of emotional as well as physical causes.

Chronic fatigue can be cured without any medication. It can be cured with the help of change in lifestyle and eating habits. Medication mainly consists of many side-effects so natural remedies are more suggested in case of chronic fatigue.

To cure chronic fatigue disorder through natural ways the patients should follow following points:

Eat green vegetables: Vegetables and fruits provide the right amount of minerals and vitamins required by your body.

Intake of High-Quality protein: Fish, nuts and soya products contain proteins, so the sufferer should consume them instead of red meat.

Drink Water: Drink the number of glass of water required by you body, i.e. 8-10 glass of water. Make sure the water is clean

• Don’t drink beverages which consist of caffeine especially before going to bed.

• Try to remove all your tensions, and be tension free before going to bed.

• Exercise and try to reduce weight if you are over weight.

Health benefits of Almond Oil

almondThe origin of almond oil can be traced back to the region of Levant which is sited somewhere in the Middle East. The bitter almond oil being highly volatile also contains hydrogen cyanide traces and is generally prohibited. But the sweet almond oil is known all across the globe for its healing and health benefits. The oil being rich in laxative properties is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Regular consumption of almond oil also builds up an effective digestive health system. It is also acts an effective moisturizer and also holds a great significance in the widely prevalent practices of aromatherapy. Over all the health benefits of almond oil are beyond measure.

Natural hemorrhoid cures

Natural Fibre

Hemorrhoids are fissures or piles that develop in walls of rectum or anus. It can distend further and come out causing some bleeding. Such bleeding is detected in stools. It can be external or internal. Internal hemorrhoids become difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are not peculiar and overlap with symptoms of other diseases. If hemorrhoids are not in their worst stages, they can be treated through natural remedies.

Use as much fiber in the food as possible. This will allow you to fight constipation. Astringent herbs can be a great tool as well. These can help with the tightening of skin tissues. This way, the loose bleeding swollen mass can be tightened. Natural herbs may contain plantain and red sage. The former alleviates itching while the later enhances blood circulation through the hemorrhoid region. They can also contain oat straw which fights tightened bowels and gives a fair dose of fluidity to the intestinal system.

Stay away from diseases with nature’s help

Natural treatmentNatural health treatment and maintenance have so much positive results that you will not have to go and consult doctor very often for diseases. Very simple tips like eating basil leaves daily will keep you away from typhoid, hepatitis etc. A clove leaf can reduce even the most severe toothache.

For menstrual disorders, ladies need not go for medicines; instead a mixture of egg with gingelly oil will keep the pain without elevating. Ginger and cumin along with sugar will act as an effective treatment for cough.

Lemon juice with honey will keep you away from cold. Cardamom powder mixed with water is a perfect remedy for urinary infection. Basil leaves in the bathing water will reduce the body rashes to a great extend.

Diarrhea can be cured by eating guava leaves daily. Drinking water with jiggery will reduce acidity related problems. Thus to a great extend, you need not have to keep medicines when nature is with you.