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Nursing Shortages and Healthcare

Health Care, NursingOne of the major problems that the health care fraternity is facing involves the shortage of nurses. The nurses are the back bone of any health care service provider. There are many reasons why there is acute shortage of the nurses. One of the major reasons for non availability of nurses is the harsh working conditions and the low pay package
The working hours inevitably stretches for more than 10 hours at a stretch which can drain away both physical and mental stamina of the nurses. The hustle and ever busy schedule of the hospital can exhaust any one emotionally. The ever present prospect of seeing pain and death is not appealing to most.

Moreover now a- days there are many other prospects in the healthcare sectors which are better paid with a sane time schedule. The young people prefer those jobs rather than nursing.

The result is faced by the health care sectors and ultimately the patient who can’t be taken care of properly due to the shortage of the nurses.