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Eating disorders during pregnancy

Eating disorders during pregnancyEating disorders during pregnancy can prove to be very harmful both to mother and her baby. During pregnancy, most women suffer from eating disorders. The most common types of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia means obsessive dieting/starving in order to regulate weight gain. Bulimia implicates binge eating and also vomiting. Weight gain is also associated with bulimia. Anorexia disturbs fertility and thus the chances of conceiving get reduced. During pregnancy, the baby depends on the mother for every nutritive need. So if the mother does not take proper food she will become weaker, face physical problems and lots more. The mental health of the mother will also get affected. For more information and corrective action on Bulimia related issues, you can get in touch with the Georgia eating disorder links. It’s always better to be in the hands of experts than relying on any half baked solutions.

Eating disorders upset pregnancy in a number of ways. The mother may face the following complications with eating disorders at the time of pregnancy.

  • Respiratory problems
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Labour complications
  • Miscarriage
  • Premature labor
  • Risk of caesarean birth
  • Depression

So, one should be careful about her food habits during pregnancy. For more of food safety during pregnancy, you can also refer here.

Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, there should be certain things one must do and not do. As a mother, you should be extra vigilant about your surroundings and take care of yourself even more. Your baby might not have taken birth yet, but a lot of stuff around you affects it. Try and avoid food such as uncooked meat, seafood, cheese and unpasteurized milk as it can lead to Listeria.

Try and stay away from any cat litter, as it spreads a parasite, which can lead to miscarriage or defects during birth. Smoking should be completely prohibited, and one should be away from any other smokers around. As a mother, you should refrain yourself from having coffee due to the caffeine content, which can lead to miscarriage and low birth weight.

You should take safety measures around the house and try not to work too hard. At the same time try keeping a moderate temperature around you.

How to find if you are pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful state of affairs. This is nature’s way of showing you that you are trusted with life and can deal with a new being growing inside you. In case you are trying to get pregnant for a long time, then you would be a bit too eager too read the signs of pregnancy. It is however best not to jump to conclusions.

So how do you ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. The first step is to check you menstrual cycle. Are you missing you periods? Are you getting a late period? In case you are checkout for other signs. Sometimes pregnancy can make you really edgy and cranky. Are you experiencing too many mood swings?

Getting tired easily along with the feeling extremely sleepy is another sign of pregnancy. You might even feel subtle anatomical changes in your body like tender breasts. Purchase an over the counter pregnancy test, preferable the ones with two strip for double checking. In case the results are positive, get the results affirmed from a pharmacist.

How to burn off pregnancy fat

Common belief says that a woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. Bringing a new life to the world after nurturing the baby inside you for months is the best thing for each and every woman. But everything comes at a price. The happiness of being a mother is preceded by the hassles of a bloated belly. It is however not too difficult to regain your slim figure within months of the delivery.

Breastfeeding itself is one of the major means of losing pregnancy fat as a lot of calories flow out of your body. Such a regime along with a healthy regular workout schedule and healthy fat-free diet would help you burn off the pregnancy fat in just a few months. However one should keep in mind that a mother who has recently delivered is not fit enough to go through rigorous and strenuous workouts. Hence it is highly required that you be careful about the methods you are opting for burning down pregnancy fat.

Stay Fit and Active During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, Health, Fitness, Women,Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in every woman’s life. On one end there is an excitement of new life growing inside you and on the other side morning sickness and hormonal changes affects your fitness levels and activities. Here are some of the ways in which you can remain in top shape all throughout your pregnancy:

Before starting with any pregnancy workout like swimming or yoga it is advisable to consult your physicians so that there is no negative effect on the health of the child and mother.

Go for early morning or evening walks which will not only provide you with fresh air but will also relax your body and improve blood circulation. Also walking raises the progesterone levels which is needed for the growth of the child
Remember to have a proper diet that is rich in proteins, folic acid, iron and other essential minerals. Some people take a lot of fat during pregnancy believing it will be helpful in child growth but it only adds extra kilos to your body without actually helping the baby.

Also drink a lot of fluids. Consume 3-4 liters of water, juice and have 2 big glasses of milk daily during your pregnancy period.

Lastly take adequate rest and sleep which will help you stay fit and active during pregnancy.

Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

Health Care, Pregnancy,Many of us think that herbs are natural products and will not in any way harm the baby. However, the other facet says that herbs are mostly used in medicines and hence contain medicinal values. Thus, they may prove to be dangerous or even fatal to the baby. It is recommended that you stay away from anything that is dangerous for the baby. This includes the normal prohibitions such as tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

You should avoid any kind of herb during the first three months as far as possible. Even later, you should use any herb only when required to protect the baby. Herbs used for external use are not as dangerous as the ones you ingest. For example, stay away from herbs that contain alkaloid such as Barberry, Mandrake, and Ginseng. Similarly check out for herbs containing bitters, essential oils and other oils, and laxatives. The information is readily available everywhere. In case of doubt, contact your physician.

Pregnancy, Health and Yoga

Pregnancy, Health & Yoga

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial parts of the life of any women. Having a fit body during pregnancy is very important for the healthy living of the baby after birth.

Practicing yoga is very important to have a fit body during pregnancy. This helps them to relive the pain and aches during pregnancy. They will have a flexible body. She will be able to get easily adjusted to the various positions in the labor room and thereby reduce the pain while giving birth to the child.

Women will become aware of breathe and body during yoga and thereby their worries are relaxed. The positive results of yoga are felt even after delivery and will continue to reflect in their life for more months. They can be happier and tension free when doing yoga and the chances of risks are less for those women who regularly practice yoga during pregnancy.

Diet tips for pregnant women

Pregnant women should take much care about their health as they have to pay attention to the baby and themselves.

Green vegetables have to be included to get adequate vitamins like A and C. collard greens, green peas etc are highly recommended to be included in the diet of pregnant women. This will affect their weight and the ability to start a new day in a fresh mood. They should supply adequate iron content to their body through beans, meat and cereals in proper amounts.

Berries are unavoidable in their diet and hence decrease the chances of urinary infection and disease infection. They are highly loaded with fiber and folate and hence a must for pregnant women.

Calcium intake is a must for the efficient functioning of bones and teeth in women. They have to be highly cautious of this as it is necessary for maintaining heart beat and blood pressure at normal level.

Pregnancy: Folic Acid

If you are planning on getting pregnant or have just discovered that you are pregnant, then you should make sure that you are getting enough folic acid. Folic acid is necessary for the proper development of the neural system of the fetus, specifically the spinal cord and brain. The word “folic” comes from the Latin word “folium” which means leaf. It’s in leafy vegetables that you will find folic acid. Spinach is one source, but most green, leafy vegetables contain some folic acid. If these aren’t a part of a woman’s diet then there are also folic acid supplements for sale at most health-food stores.