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How to be fat and fit

‘Fat’ and ‘fit’ are two words that never seem to go together. But being lean necessarily means that you are fit. In fact, many physicians say that it is better to be fat and fit than be thin and unhealthy. It is emphasized that the focus of our lifestyle should be on improving fitness levels.

Most obese and overweight people concentrate on weight loss using various means. Some persons go to extremes by starving themselves or taking weight loss pills. The end result might be some amount of weight loss but at the cost of health. The key is to follow a regular exercise routine and consume a healthy diet in order to stay fit. Even if you are overweight but have a healthy cardiovascular activity and normal functioning of other body systems, there is nothing to worry about. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and you will naturally shed weight over a period of time.

The Trailing Edge Diet

For those that are interested in diets, this is a good one to take on. The foods in the diet are as interesting as they come and they can be seamlessly assimilated into ones diet with little or no effort. As with any other diet, this is one focused on weight loss and more weight loss. The diet must there fore be followed to the letter in order for it to be successful, there is a certain amount of discipline and patience to be exercised.

The diet needs to be followed as per the requirements for the entire duration of the diet in order to come out the winner. The habitual dieters around us, this is another type of diet to take on if their precious one did not meet their needs. Trailing edge diet must be taken on under the guidance and advice of a nutritionist or dietitian in order to remain at the top of ones health even if dieting is being done

Avoiding Vacation Weight

For the normal human being, taking a vacation is seen as the opportune time to eat, drink and be merry without much thought to the consequences of ones action. This is the point in time when most people tend to put on weight then regret it much later and attack the gym and aerobics studios with all the zest they can master.

If the aim of the vacation is to have fun while avoiding weight gain there are several steps that can be taken. First step would be to include a fun activity like a scenic walk or a swim into the itinerary in order to combine the entire binge eating with exercise. These are fun activities that can be part of a vacation be it sun, sand and sea or trekking and mountain climbing. And, the beauty of it all is that the weight is kept off once and for all.

How the Fat Smash Diet Works

Weight is one of the many problems people go through every day. Due to unavoidable reasons you can end up gaining a lot of weight. With other people extremely exercising and doing through some unrealistic diets all you need is to follow the Fat Smash Diet and your be fit in no time.

With this diet you can loss up to 12 pounds in less than three weeks. Its simply focuses on the kind of food you eat every day. It a 90 days program that it separated into two phases.

In the first phase you are required to eat four or five meals a day, the food is eaten streamed, raw and grilled. You are not limited to take any fruits and vegetables. The second face simply a continuation of the first phase but you are limited to eat foods like eggs, cheese, lean meat and sugar.

Some prevalent thoughts on exercise

Exercise, health & fitness

Excessive exercising causes death

This is not true. Death while exercising is very rare. However it is possible for a person to die from a heart attack if he is not in a proper physical state.

Lifting of weights stops body growth

This is another misconception that people believe though it’s not true and nothing happens to your height if you lift weights. However the one thing that might happen is that the epiphyseal plate of long bones in adolescents may be damaged.

Fat reduction

Targeted fat reduction is not possible. For example while doing sit up you may think that your belly fat will get burned away. However this is not true. The fat at the belly will not get burned away but will get converted into smaller particles. This in turn will shape up your tummy, though you will not lose a lot of fat during this time.

Improve the results of weight loss

Weight loss

Weight loss is something that most men and women dream of in their life. When going for weight loss, there should be aware of some basic facts.

Never go for goals that are not attainable. Never expect much from nutrition and exercises that, they are not actually capable of delivering. Consider them as tips that can assist you, but not as ultimate ways with full results. You should always be regular as this has an important role in the effectiveness of the exercises. This is more particular when you don’t have a trainer on your own.

You should participate in exercise with full happiness. Enjoyment has high priority in improving the results of the exercise. If you are not confident enough to do this on your own, always seek the help of professionals. Never go for wrong methods as they have more negatives than positives. Never go for more aggressive methods as they can be harmful.

While taking dietary supplements

Diet & Weight ControlDietary supplements are sometimes recommended for some people by doctors and dieticians. An efficient diet supplement should add as supplements to the diet and has to contain vitamin, mineral, amino acids etc. it should increase the intake of nutrients to your body and should be able to act as meal replacements.

Pills, liquid, tablet or capsule forms are the most commonly found forms of diet supplements and has to be ingested in these forms. It is never to be misunderstood as something that replaces your traditional food completely or it should not be considered as the only food in your diet. In fact, it should only be a supplement.

Dietary supplements will help you regain a lost weight or health. Yet, you have to be careful about the intake as it might contain fat or calories in excess quantity. When they can aid you in healthier life, if not followed properly, they can cause side effects that have long lasting results.

Know more about weight supplements

Weight supplements are an effective solution to have a wonderful body. But it is mandatory to know much about the supplements before going to intake them blindly.

Weight supplements are available as powders, capsules and shakes. Most of the weight supplements are rich in proteins. There are different types of protiens which differ in various kinds of supplements. Some of the weight supplements include it in the form of amino acids. Glutamine is a weight supplement available in a powder form and can be easily taken in through water.

Creatine is a most widely used supplement used by men to have more energy and stamina. People should check for the supplements with the help of doctors before taking them into the body. When you go behind a muscular body with strong appearance, you should not neglect your health as it is necessary for the life ahead. A right mix of supplements is necessary to have positive results out of it.

Causes of obesity

There are various factors which causes obesity. It includes environment, genetics, eating habits, metabolic activities and also the life style of the person. If your father or mother is obese then you are at a greater risk to develop obesity. The main reason for obesity is the excessive intake of food. If you take more food then your body may not able to burn the calories completely as a result of which some of them turns into fats and settles under the skin. Obesity is also caused due to endocrinal and neurological problems. Lack of regular exercise is another reason. Use of steroids and other drugs can make a person obese.

Effects of obesity

Obesity can result in severe health problems for a person. Obesity is found in children also. If a child is obese, he may have orthopaedic problems and as a result the child won’t be healthy. He may suffer from gall bladder disease, hypertension and sleep apnea. Other problems include hyperactivity, headache in the morning, cyanosis and pulmonary hypertension. In teenagers, it can create physical and psychological problems. Obesity can result in depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, which are the psychological effects of obesity. Obese children are often teased by others. This may result in the development of inferiority complex in them.