Dangers of Burn Injuries


Burn injuries are amongst the hardest to cope with, not only because of the physical and mental trauma that accompany them but also the risk of severe complications that can arise. The first of these complications are severe infections. This is because of the skin becoming extremely susceptible to several bacteria.

Regular samples are taken from the skin and tested for microbial activity to prevent infection of the skin in burn victims. If any infections is found a course of Antibiotics are used to treat such infections. Another common complication is the appearance of gastrointestinal ulcers in the inner lining of the stomach called the duodenum. These are acute in nature and are revealed by Endoscopy and can be treated with drugs.

Most complications are treatable; however the key is their early detection. Depression and mental trauma is common in burn victims and hence, they need to be provided mental support as well as physical care.

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