Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, there should be certain things one must do and not do. As a mother, you should be extra vigilant about your surroundings and take care of yourself even more. Your baby might not have taken birth yet, but a lot of stuff around you affects it. Try and avoid food such as uncooked meat, seafood, cheese and unpasteurized milk as it can lead to Listeria.

Try and stay away from any cat litter, as it spreads a parasite, which can lead to miscarriage or defects during birth. Smoking should be completely prohibited, and one should be away from any other smokers around. As a mother, you should refrain yourself from having coffee due to the caffeine content, which can lead to miscarriage and low birth weight.

You should take safety measures around the house and try not to work too hard. At the same time try keeping a moderate temperature around you.

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