Dust Allergy: Causes, Symptoms and more

Dust AllergyDust mites are considered to be the most common cause of asthma as well as allergies. The dust mites are inhaled by the human lungs and cause severe dust allergies and asthma not to mention eczema symptoms. The most common symptoms of this disease are the usual dust allergy symptoms. Dust mites are the main cause for causing this sickness and they are guilty of making hundreds of people suffer from respiratory troubles. Causes of dust allergies are dust mites are basically microscopic creatures that look like spiders and are found in homes. The dust mites are but little bugs that live as well as lay eggs. In the last 5 weeks of their existence these little pests lay eggs of up to 60-150 in a day.

The primary symptoms of this disease are the occurrence of hay fever and asthma. In case you are inflicted with dust allergy, then the common symptoms would include an irritating skin disease like eczema.

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