Healthy practices for computer users

Eye Care, health & ComputerSince more and more people are using computers these days, the illness and discomfort in health issues are increasingly reported on majority of users. Experts suggest that it is highly important to maintain a perfect posture and positioning of body when using computers.

It is highly recommended to maintain a distance of 45 to 70 cm between your eyes and computer monitor. The sitting posture plays a critical role in extensive computer users. An erect posture, supported by an equally good chair is highly important in maintaining the fitness and health condition of back bones, muscles and shoulders.

The fingers should be properly and perfectly directed at the keyboards when doing typing works. Fingers should be straight and parallel to give least strain to fingers and wrists. The leg space should be sufficient enough to move your legs a bit. The leg space should be vacant to help your legs to give a perfect rest.

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