How to keep your scalp dandruff free with effective tips

There could be different causes of dandruff.  They may be caused by fungal or bacterial infections, heavy sweating, hormonal imbalance, stress, oily glands, allergies and many other reasons. The only way to keep dandruff at bay is to keep your scalp clean. Regular oiling of the scalp followed by through shampooing is very effective in keeping the scalp and the hair clean.streaming T2 Trainspotting 2017 movie

However, there are some natural remedies as well that you should know about. You should take a lot of vitamin B1, B2 and A. extracts of mix grapefruit with your regular shampoo can be effective as well. Massaging the scalp with vinegar and lime on a regular basis is very good for keeping away from dandruff. You can get tea tree oil mixed with the regular shampoo as well. Another natural remedy is mixing sugar with lemon juice and applying to your hair. You should also maintain a nutritious diet in order to stay away from dandruff lisinopril dosage.

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