How to prevent whitening of hair

There is nothing more dreadful than the sight of a white hair, especially when it happens at a premature age. When the hair follicle stops producing melanin the hair starts to lose its natural color. The reason behind this deviation can be attributed to variety of factors. Of course, the hair turns white as we grow old. But the premature whitening of hair is primarily due to a serious illness, faulty diet or stress.

To prevent hair whitening, you must ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Include adequate amounts of iron, copper, vitamin B and folic acid in your diet. Learn to manage stress levels effectively to minimize its impact on hair. Go for regular scalp oil massages with rosemary or coconut oil.

The Indian gooseberry is known to have miraculous curing power for all hair problems so it should be consumed in great amounts. Curb bad habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption.

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