Protein rich food for muscle building

Are you into bodybuilding lately? Great but then you must go for a protein rich meal since protein helps a lot in getting your pure muscle, weight loss as well as an overall healthy body. Now, there plenty of foods available that are high in protein content and in case you are not aware here are the specimens.

If meat is considered, then you can count on chicken breast (115 gms = 30 gms protein), skinless turkey (115 gms=33 gms of protein), beef (115 gms=30 gms protein) and pork (115 gms=25gms protein). As far as the dairy products are concerned you have egg white, milk, cottage cheese, parmesan, yoghurt, brown rice and oats, all full of considerable protein.

Then, you have the different fishes such as tuna (four ounces=25 gms protein), sardines (four ounces=20 gms protein) and salmon (four ounces=19 gms protein). Nuts and almonds too are rich in protein content with 16 gms protein at every half cup.

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