Raw food diets for yeast problems

Raw food

Raw food diet is being prescribed by a certain section of veterinary researchers, it has its own pros and cons. First the negatives: it is believed that raw food takes the pets back to age of pre-civilization. The idea of having anything available directly from nature is uncouth. Second, it might lead to esophagus wounds. Sometimes, raw food can have a pointed bone somewhere.

The idea is to cook it prior to using. For the pros, raw food can lead to strengthening immunity and also make the food unattractive to yeasts. We know how yeasts can cause great many problems in pets.

Apart from causing infections, yeast is a source of various allergies. Raw food diets can help counter these by making the food unattractive for the yeast. Pets can be given raw food diets in packages available at various departmental stores. Most of these uncooked foods are great sources of proteins.

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