Rock salt lamps health benefits

Rock Salt

Rock salt lamps are natural air ionizers blessed with potency to create negative ions that can help ward off pollution. The healthy negative ions automatically boost the quality of air around us. This way, the rock salt lamps help us in fighting air contamination.

Have you ever pondered why a person feels fresh on visiting a hill station or a sea side or a forest reserve? The reason is presence of such healthy negative ions. Rock salt lamps facilitate such negative ion drift.

Today, rock salt lamps have passed the initial experimental stage and are being used more and more for treatment of neurosis, high blood pressure, kidney issues, asthma, respiratory and immunity deficits among various other diseases.

Bioenergetic vibrations caused by the lamps also enhance the energy level of the room making you feel more cheerful and positive from a mental angle. Rock salt lamps are used today even for the purpose of Feng Shui.

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