Stay away from diseases with nature’s help

Natural treatmentNatural health treatment and maintenance have so much positive results that you will not have to go and consult doctor very often for diseases. Very simple tips like eating basil leaves daily will keep you away from typhoid, hepatitis etc. A clove leaf can reduce even the most severe toothache.

For menstrual disorders, ladies need not go for medicines; instead a mixture of egg with gingelly oil will keep the pain without elevating. Ginger and cumin along with sugar will act as an effective treatment for cough.

Lemon juice with honey will keep you away from cold. Cardamom powder mixed with water is a perfect remedy for urinary infection. Basil leaves in the bathing water will reduce the body rashes to a great extend.

Diarrhea can be cured by eating guava leaves daily. Drinking water with jiggery will reduce acidity related problems. Thus to a great extend, you need not have to keep medicines when nature is with you.

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