Stay Fit By Choosing High Fiber Foods

Fiber Food, Health CAre, Food HabitsHigh fiber diet is increasingly being preferred by dieters that are desperate to loose weight. A recent report published by American Dietetic Association revealed that the main difference in the diet of the obese people and persons having normal weight is that they consume 43 percent more complex carbohydrates and 33 percent increased dietary fibers. Some of the ways in which you can stay fit by choosing high fiber foods are:

High fiber foods are generally low in calories and have lesser fat content. Also as it is difficult for our body to breakdown fiber it is not converted into fat and deposited into our adipose tissue.

Another advantage of having high fiber diet is that it takes time to digest and hence make you feel full for long after having your meal and reduces food cravings

High fiber diets keep a check on your blood sugar levels thereby helping the diabetic patients

All fruits and vegetables having high fiber are also good antioxidants that strengthen your immunity to fight against diseases.

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