The Fear of Flying – facts and remedies

We might have met several people who are afraid when they hear the word flying. This is considered as a kind of fear of flying phobia, where the reasons can be many. In some cases, this might not be a phobia as such, instead can be a fear due to the ignorance about the safety of flying.

The fear when you are in the flight can be avoided by the simple knowledge about how safe is flying. The knowledge of pilots in flying and their certification and degree means that, they have the required skill set to fly those birds. Their health and other abilities are thoroughly checked before being induced as a commercial flight pilot. The professionalism of the pilots means that, you need not be worried about flying, especially when you are safer in the hands of these experts.

The ignorance that the engine might fail in between a journey is another reason for the fear. In reality, even if an engine develops some snags, the air plane is in a position to safely reach the destination and you will never be put in trouble. The traditional concepts that, a flying bird can stop a flight are false thoughts. The emergency system and the backup facilities are capable of taking over any system failures and hence you will not have to worry, if something goes wrong in the sky.

There are various ways of handling the fear. Educating the people about everything related to flying is a highly effective solution. In some cases, when the person has a strong fear that makes him difficult to change his mind, this treatment might fail altogether.

Therapies and other similar kinds of treatments lies on the fact that, the phobia is due to the feelings in the brain of the individual that comes out as responses to stimulus. These treatments mainly help the individual understand his problem and thereby help them to come out the basic source for it.

There are some kind of medications which be provided by the psychiatric specialists and will help them to come out the fear as relaxants and depressants. Using alcohols or other similar drugs are no permanent way out of the problem and hence never recommended.

Another effective kind of health treatment helps individuals to replace the thoughts in their mind with other kind of responses that help them to face flying without fear. Such treatments are highly effective as they try to solve the problem from its root cause.

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