Warm water, honey, and lemon

Water,honey & lemonIf you’re dealing with weight issues, here’s a magic potion for you. Of course, as with all magic portions, there’s a condition you’ll have to adhere to with sincerity. Every morning before you eta or drink anything else, boil some water. You need to consume it at luke warm temperatures and not when it’s steaming hot, as in the case of tea or coffee.

It’s simple to prepare and will help in health care. In fact it even aids fitness when you team the effort with exercise and a healthy diet. Once the water is at drinking temperature, squeeze in half a lemon, a full one if you can bear the taste, and mix it together with a spoonful of honey. This mixture may seem to be a strong and distant taste at first, but soon it’ll be an acquired taste. You may not see results immediately but regular consumption will enable you to see its health benefits.

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