What are gout attacks?

Gout attack

Gout is generally referred to as a medical condition whereby the uric acid crystals deposit in our body is raised to a significant extent. If they happen to be overloaded, the concerned person is sure to suffer from recurring arthritis attacks. Those who are known to suffer from chronic gout attacks, they have in them deposits of hard uric acid lumps. The consequence of this can be formation of kidney stones and / or hard lumps at joints.

Gout attacks occur during nighttime and the people who suffer from this disease are generally known to consume high quantity of meat, especially fish and mutton with a negligible portion of leafy vegetables and fruits. Consuming high levels of alcohol and saturated fats can also lead one to suffer from gout attacks.

In order to prevent gout attacks reduce your consumption of red meat and alcohol. Also consult a health care provider for proper medication.

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