Why You Are Suffering From Constant Fatigue

Fatigue, Health Fitness, Body CareDoes climbing a short fleet of stairs make you sweat profusely or do you have difficulty getting out of bed every morning? Constant fatigue is the alarming signal that your body sends to caution you about the pending downfall in your physical and mental health. Some of the main reasons of chronic fatigue can be:

Work related burnout: If you are unhappy with the work you are doing or are dissatisfied with your boss, huge work load and constant fear of appraisal then you may suffer from constant fatigue

Depression is another major reason behind constant fatigue. You may feel dull and lethargic if you are feeling low as you just had a nasty breakup or are going through some tough phase in your personal and professional life

Lack of physical activity can also reduce your stamina and make you feel constantly tired and fatigued.

Some of the other reasons of constant fatigue can be poor diet, muscle weakness, post viral syndrome or cellular toxicity.

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